Teen Bowhunter Brings Down ‘Triple-Beam’ Whitetail Buck in Minnesota

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Chad Briesemeister / 500px

Carson Reeve had every reason not to go out and hunt on Nov. 5th and 6th. The 19-year-old has stayed busy lately as he’s gearing up for his first college baseball season. Then, when he’s not at practice, he helps his parents, who host their own hunting show, and films their hunts. In addition, he’s also got school during the week. However, despite the tight schedule, something told the Minnesota native to go out and hunt on the morning of Nov. 5th and 6th. Lucky enough for him, he tagged a massive three-beamed whitetail buck that day.

Before the incredible hunt, Reeves decided to make time to bow hunt, although it was Minnesota’s opening weekend of gun season.

With only a few minutes of daylight left on Sunday, Nov. 6, Reeve pulled his bow back and made a perfect shot from 35 yards away. Before, he had been hunting on a different farm and just so happened to tumble on the buck when he switched to his dad’s property.

He set up in a box blind over a field and watched the buck walk out as the sun began to set, following a doe. Then, the buck moved within range, and Reeve let his arrow go.

Young bowhunter puts the pieces together on his recent buck

The buck made it about 50 yards before falling on the edge of his dad’s property. When Reeve compared the abnormal antlers with a set of sheds from last year, he realized his latest buck was history-making.

“We picked up his sheds last year when he was a 4-year-old main-frame 10-pointer, and we don’t really know what happened to him,” Reeve said about the historic kill. “We knew he’d be five and a half this fall. Then we had a deer with a triple-beam show up this year and didn’t really think anything of it.”

However, when Reeve compared the antlers side-by-side, he knew that the triple-beam buck and the 10-point buck were the same deer. Yet, something had happened over the previous year that altered how the antlers grew.

It’s well-known in the hunting community that hind leg injuries can result in whacky antler growth on the opposite side. However, after dressing it out, Reeve didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary on this buck.

“We’re very confused by it. Last year he was a clean five-by-five,” Reeve revealed. “The farm we’re hunting isn’t close to any roads. We don’t know if he got injured. But he grew a somewhat normal antler and added the extra two beams on there. We matched up the sheds and it’s definitely the same deer.”

Reeve’s parents, Pat and Nicole Reeve of “Driven with Pat and Nicole” on the Outdoor Channel, know a good bit about hunting.

Their show has been running for 17 years; during that time, the pair have taken many impressive animals. It’s obvious the couple has passed their passions down to their son, who has hunted and fished around Minnesota since he could hold a bow.

“He keeps growing and so do his [bucks],” they proudly wrote of Reeve in an Instagram post. “Not much has changed over the years!”