Teenage Hikers Rescued by Helicopter From Frigid Mount Olympus Trail

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

It’s finally starting to feel like fall in many regions across the United States, with trees rapidly shedding their bouquets of brightly colored leaves and gusty winds turning exposed faces chilly and red. However, things have rapidly gotten much colder on top of Mount Olympus. In fact, a winter storm trapped three teenage hikers on one of its trails on Saturday. Fortunately, rescuers found them in time, taking them to the hospital afterward.

According to Fox 13, the hikers became stuck when a winter storm rolled through. The storm left them “cliffed out.” Per the outlet, this means the group of 19-year-old boys were unable to move either up or down the mountain trail. 

After becoming stranded in the storm, the trio contacted 911. Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Team responded to the call first. However, due to the extreme winter weather conditions, they were unable to locate the group of hikers. Fortunately, though, a break in the weather allowed a Department of Public Safety helicopter to head out and reach them. After locating the men on Mount Olympus, the chopper airlifted them off the trail. 

After being airlifted off of the trail, the group was sent to a local hospital where they were treated for hypothermia. While all three of them had winter coats, they weren’t properly equipped to spend a night in the cold. 

Lt. Paul Barker, with the Unified Police Department, spoke out about the hikers’ rescue. 

“[It was a] horrible day to be out in the mountains climbing and hiking,” he said. To other hikers looking to head up Mount Olympus’s trails that day, he added, “Be very prepared. Check the weather and today was probably not the best day to be up there.”

New York Hiker Rescued From Marsh After 17 Hours

The American landscape is incredibly varied and it’s what makes emergency rescue missions as unique as they are intense. While rescuers combated a snowstorm on Saturday on Mount Olympus to pull three stranded hikers off the mountain, a New York search and rescue group removed a hiker who’d been reported missing on Friday from a marsh 17 hours later. Though both rescues boast drastically different stories, we’re just glad things ended well each time. 

Thiells Fire Department near Tuxedo, NY received a call about a missing hiker at Island Pond on Saturday. Tuxedo is located in Orange County, near the Ramapo River. The town itself gains its name from the local Lenape people.

After teaming up with Stony Point divers, the rescue teams headed out to search for the hiker. Reportedly, the hiker was found safe and, after being removed from the swamp by firefighters, was taken to a nearby hospital where medical personnel confirmed they were in stable condition.