Teenagers Volunteer To Clean Colorado National Forest After Partiers Leave Behind Trash

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/South_agency

A group of Colorado teens is stepping in to do their part in helping to keep the forests safe and clean. Making sure the people and wildlife alike can enjoy the areas. The teens have volunteered to clean up a mess left by partygoers at one of the state’s most popular national forest locations, the Uncompahgre National Forest. These young volunteers were inspired to make this selfless move after the county sheriff shared a video. The video details the hundreds of bottles and cans the partiers left on the forest floor from the night before.

One Colorado Sheriff’s Office Sends A Big Thanks To The Youth Who Stepped In To Help Clean Up Litter Left Behind At Uncompahgre National Forest

When San Miguel County Sheriff Bill Masters posted a video on social media depicting the garbage left behind by inconsiderate partygoers, he had no idea the selfless acts that the clip would inspire. The video depicts hundreds of bottles, cans, and other garbage littering the floor of the national forest. And soon a group of eager teens stepped in to help make the situation right. Cleaning up the litter themselves. And doing their part to keep our country’s national forests clean and safe for visitors and wildlife.

And to thank these teens, the San Miguel Sheriff’s Facebook page honored the volunteers in a touching post. Noting that the community greatly appreciates the efforts displayed by the helpful group of kids.

“The Sheriff’s Office wishes to thank the teens who came out to clean up the large mess,” notes the message on the San Miguel Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. The message notes that this mess was left by the partygoers in the “USFS near Telluride’s Bear Creek Trail.” A mess, the Facebook post notes, that was “documented and released on video two weeks ago.”

“Your community thanks you for your efforts!” the touching Facebook message notes. “Great job!”

Littering Is Against The Law…And Forest Visitors Are Urged To Follow The Principles Of The “Leave No Trace” Mindset

Cleaning up after oneself has always been an important aspect of enjoying our national forests. Natural spaces such as our country’s national forests are important. It’s important to keep these areas clean and safe for further generations to enjoy. Additionally, littering is illegal in Colorado. It is also against the important principles of the Leave No Trace concept.

This idea follows seven key principles to ensure minimum impact on the outdoors by visitors to the natural areas. The seven principles are Plan Ahead & Prepare, Travel & Camp on Durable Surfaces, Dispose of Waste Properly, Leave What You Find, Minimize Campfire Impacts, Respect Wildlife, and Be Considerate of Others.