Tennessee Woman Celebrates 35th Wedding Anniversary With Record Crappie

by Megan Molseed

What a way to celebrate a wedding anniversary! One Tennessee woman went on to set some impressive records as she and her husband of thirty-five years set out for a day of fishing on their 35th wedding anniversary. With this impressive catch, Beverly Shaw set a record at a Tennessee lake when she reeled in a massive white crappie while fishing in a north central Tennessee reservoir.

Woman Lands Record Catch On Tennessee Lake While Celebrating 35th Wedding Anniversary

While celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary, Beverly Shaw and her husband set out for a day of fishing at Tennessee’s J. Percy Priest Lake. The couple took to the lake with the local guide company, Brian Carper’s Guide Service.

As they fished along the 42-mile-long northern Tennessee reservoir, Beverly hooked an impressive crappie catch. The crappie measured 17 inches long and weighed 3 pounds. A best for the Tennessee lake.

“Ok just got the fish [weighed] on a certified scale,” notes the couple’s guide Eric Dickens in a recent Facebook post. The post goes on to note that “Miss Beverly Shaw” had “officially got the Percy {Priest} white crappie lake record.”

The post goes on to note that this impressive crappie fish was officially certified to weigh 3 pounds. “Congratulations to Miss Shaw,” the message continues. “I appreciate the opportunity to take y’all fishing.”

This Impressive White Crappie Isn’t Far From The Tennessee State Record

Miss Shaw’s record-breaking anniversary catch broke records for the area. However, this white crappie fell short of the overall Tennessee state record. This record came in 1968 when a 5-pound, 1-ounce white crappie was caught at Garner Brown’s Pond. The state record for black crappie is slightly bigger, standing at 5 pounds, 7 ounces.

Some Minnesota Ice-Fishers Pull In A Big Catch Near The Twin Cities

When Wyatt Williams of Bloomington Minnesota was fishing with his buddy, Bobby Beattie last winter, he had no idea the massive crappie they would be pulling in by the end of the day. Using a live scope, Williams and his longtime buddy had been watching schools of fish all day long. They’d already brought up quite a few good-sized fish. However, they were about to find a monster catch at the end of their line before the day was over.

At first, the Minnesota fishermen thought they had grabbed a bass, based on the weight of the fish on the other end of their line. However, they soon realized that this catch was something different. The crappie was 3 pounds and 1.7 ounces. It measured 17.75 inches in length with a 15-inch girth.

“We just sat there for 20 seconds in complete awe,” Williams recalls in a discussion with Premier Angler. “We knew immediately this fish was something different. It was unlike anything we’d ever seen.”