Terrified Otter Evades Rescuers, Escapes From Car Engine Unharmed

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images)

An otter in the United Kingdom was seen perched inside of an engine compartment in a car. However, the otter escaped from the car unharmed when rescuers attempted to save it.

The otter caused the house owner to call North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. They received a call around 9:00 a.m. on Monday to a house in Tadcaster.

Officers worked with the RSPCA to try and capture the otter. They said the otter measured about 2 ft in length. However, during the rescue operation, the animal actually escaped from the vehicle. It sprinted off into a nearby field after exiting the car, according to the RSPCA.

The charity society said that the otter was found inside the engine compartment of the vehicle. Fire crews had placed a tarp around the car to stop the otter from running into the main road.

The elusive animal got away, however. A picture of the trapped otter can be seen here.

Emmeline Myall, an RSPCA animal rescue officer, recounted the incident.

RSPCA animal rescue officer Emmeline Myall said: “I had a collection basket ready to bring the otter in, but the animal moved from sitting on the engine under the bonnet to going underneath the car and then back onto the engine.

“The otter didn’t come out from under the car until it ran off into a nearby field.”

Ms. Myall said they were told there was a pond in the field. Some suggested the animal might have returned to its natural habitat.

Wild Footage Shows a Hungry Otter Attacking Koi Carp In a Garden Pond

In this crazy clip, another otter in the UK is up to some mischievous deeds. However, in this video, New Forest resident Tony Stride asked neighbors to feed his cats and fish while he was away, only to have an otter hop in and eat this unlucky carp. Stride’s neighbor filmed the encounter, which can be viewed below.

According to Stride, the neighbors saw the fish in the outdoor koi pond were “moving erratically.” So they took out their phone and began recording the events as they unfolded.

“They took the dramatic footage you see of our unwanted guest,” Stride says of the video.

Wildlife experts from the New Forest Area say that it’s a good thing to see otters like this one making a comeback into the area. However, residents hope these animals steer clear of their personal ponds.

According to the experts, the water quality in the New Forest area has gone down in recent years, causing the otters to relocate to new habitats. However, even as the otters are returning to the area, it’s unusual for them to hunt in the residential areas, especially during the day.