Texas Angler Reels in Massive Shark From Fishing Pier: ‘I Could Not Believe My Eyes’

by Chris Haney

Last week, a Texas angler reeled in a huge shark off a fishing pier, which caught the eye of another local fisherman who recorded the scene that has now gone viral online. Christopher Cls Smith is known for his fishing videos he posts on his YouTube channel, Adeventure Bro Fishing. Even Smith knew what he was witnessing on the pier that day was a rare sight indeed.

“That was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen on a fishing pier. I could not believe my eyes,” Smith wrote on Facebook sharing what he’d seen on Wednesday.

In a clip posted to his YouTube channel, viewers can see a group of fishermen struggling with their catch. That’s because the catch was an enormous shark dangling in the air between the ocean and the pier’s deck. According to local outlet MySanAntonio, the scene took place at a fishing pier in Port Aransas, Texas.

Smith regularly posts similar fishing videos and is used to seeing some pretty wild occurrences at sea. However, this was beyond peculiar to say the least. When speaking to MySanAntonio, he shared concerns over the safe release of the large fish. But Smith revealed that the fishermen on the pier kept the shark and shared its meat. The angler who caught it shared his prize with several others who helped reel it in or watched from the pier.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Coastal Fisheries Division, anglers are allowed to catch one shark per day. Plus, they have a two-shark possession limit. Around 40 species of sharks inhabit Texas waters, and bull sharks are one of the most common in the area. Smith shared that he believes the fish to be a bull or tiger shark, but the exact species is unconfirmed.

Bull Shark Snatches Huge Mackerel From Angler’s Line

Speaking of fishing off of piers and bulls sharks, an angler off the shores off South Carolina recently had his catch stolen by one of the huge fish. On June 29th, a fisherman off a pier in Pawley’s Island was reeling in a massive mackerel. While reeling it in though, an unwelcome visitor swooped in and stole his catch.

In a clip posted on Facebook by local station WPDE, viewers can hear a tense conversation between multiple fishermen. They know the mackerel is enormous and could be a once in a lifetime catch. One man off-camera is heard urging his friend to stay calm as he tells the angler “don’t mess this up now.” However, they aren’t the only ones looking to catch the mackerel unfortunately.

As soon as everyone thinks they’re making progress with the mackerel, a bull shark comes into view. You can hear the other anglers warning the fisherman of the shark lurking below. Yet he was helpless. Within seconds the shark took ahold of the mackerel and sped off into the ocean with it in tow. The men on the pier are all left stunned at what just happened as a somber mood engulfs the group. Bull Shark: 1, Fishermen: 0.