Texas Pumpkin Patch Fire Destroys Over 70 Vehicles

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Ann Johansson/Getty Images)

A pumpkin patch fire broke out at Robinson Family Ranch in Temple, Texas. Dozens of families ran away from the flames in the crazy incident which occurred on Saturday.

In the blaze, over 70 cars went up in flames. One eyewitness from Granbury, Texas was there with her family and described the event.

“We went for family day on Saturday, go to the pumpkin patch, take cute little pictures,” said Kat Cabana. The flames destroyed Cabana’s car. The fire occurred around 1:00 p.m. on October 15th.

However, those pictures became an afterthought for Cabana and her family.

Then, out of nowhere, a massive fire erupted.

“We saw black smoke, and we’re like, something legit is on fire,” said Cabana.

“You could hear glass exploding, what i assume was tires popping, exploding, people’s gas tanks exploding. The wind was taking the smoke and making it bigger and bigger,” she said.

“We’re like what are we going to do,” said Cabana.

Cabana said she also saw people running towards their cars, trying to save them. 

Thankfully, no injuries were reported after the incident.

“People were running, running through the parking lot.. There has been lots of speculation, everybody assumes it’s a cigarette, but who really knows,” Cabana said about the possible cause of the fire.

Cabana and her sister’s cars burned completely in the fire, ruining them. However, she expressed gratitude over their safety. “The windows are gone, handles are melted off, tires are gone… We’re okay, cars can be replaced.”

People React to Pumpkin Patch Fire Online

Many users took to YouTube to comment on the video footage showing the fire in the parking lot. Some users speculated how the fire started, while others wondered why people weren’t rescuing their cars.

“A catalytic converter can reach 500-800+ degree temperature and start dry grass on fire,” one person wrote.

Then, another user wrote: “We just can’t have nothin!”

“Why wouldn’t the owners move their cars if they saw the fire???” one commenter asked.

Another user then wrote back, saying that they may be qualifying for a replacement. “Bc they are getting a new car from insurance lol,” they said.

Next, one user recounted a similar story where they saw cars catch on fire at an event.

“I was at an outdoor concert once and a thing like this happened,” they began. “It was in an area not where my truck was parked. Most times the parking is well away from the activities to get out and move your vehicle.”

Another gave warnings about outdoor fires, saying that they get started easily. “Be careful parking on grass. Cigarettes or even grass close to the exhaust can cause a fire.”

“Fire can move very fast,” a final user added.