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Texas Trespasser Cuts Manes of 20 Horses, Leaves Stable Owners Scratching Their Heads

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Marcos del Mazo/LightRocket via Getty Images)

A farm about 20 minutes outside of Austin’s downtown scene experienced a head-scratching criminal incident last week, as the horses there got their manes cut off by an unknown trespasser. The farm is home to chickens, goats, and horses, and is oftentimes used for horseback riding lessons and recreation away from the city.

However, the woman who runs the stables, Kathy (who has chosen to keep her last name private), noticed a disturbance in the horse stable last week.

“We had some horses go to a show, and afterward, the owners found cut pieces,” Kathy said. “And then we started basically searching the herd.” 

An image of one of the mane-less horses can be seen below.

After a quick search, they realized that a trespasser had cut the manes of 20 of the 35 horses. Many contained massive chunks of their long locks missing, while some had just a few inches snipped off.

“It’s not nice. It makes me angry,” Kathy said. 

Kathy and horse owners at the stables have been trying to figure out a motive for days, but they’re unsure why someone would break onto a farm and steal horses’ hair.

20 Out of 35 Horses Had Their Manes Cut Off

Some theorized the culprit might want the hair for jewelry-making purposes. However, others dispelled that theory, saying that the hair would’ve been stolen in higher quantities.

“Various different crafts? Maybe weird voodoo? I don’t know. I can’t rule out maliciousness,” Kathy said. 

Another theory surfacing is a potential disgruntled employee vandalizing the horses out of spite.

Melissa Lester owns a 1,500-pound horse named Perseus. Perseus, a horse that models and does shows, had a large chunk of his mane chopped during the incident. Lester may miss out on lots of money due to the incident.

“He got like an inch and a half here chopped off in the middle of his mane. And he’s supposed to have a really long mane. This kind of messes things up for when we go to shows,” Lester said. 

“I’m probably just gonna have a hard time covering it up for photos and things like that,” she added. “It’s just one more thing I have to worry about. And then this will take probably another five years at least to grow.”

Beyond the complete invasion of space, Kathy and the horse owners are concerned about the safety of the animals.

Kathy thought the person or people who defaced the horses may have lured them with treats, which can also be detrimental for the horses.

“I think my biggest concern with it is, you know, a lot of people don’t know enough about horses to know what they can and can’t do,” she said. “They could have gotten hurt, the horses could have gotten hurt and  they could have let them out.”

Kathy said she did not want to file a police report, saying she didn’t know how they’d help. However, she said she’s considering installing security cameras for preventative measures.