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The Best Hunting And Fishing References From Hardy’s New Album

by Brett Stayton
Hardy On The ACM Red Carpet
Photo by Bridget Bennett/Getty Images

For those of you living under a rock, HARDY dropped his much-anticipated album the mockingbird & THE CROW earlier today. The album certainly lives up to all the hype. It further proves that he’s one of the most talented songwriters and musicians in Nashville. Though his sound is starting to shift more towards rock n’ roll, HARDY is still a genuine country boy. That much has long been evident through his lyrics.

Born and raised in Mississippi, HARDY loves to hunt and fish. He’s apparently less passionate about punctuation and capitalization though. On the official album, some of the song titles are all lowercase letters while others are written in all caps. On that note, please excuse any aesthetic disorganization or alphabetical confusion with the list of songs below. With that said, here are the best hunting and fishing lyrical references from HARDY’s new project.


In the back of the truck, every buck, and bass… HARDY kicks the album off with a song titled beer. It’s a fitting song to set the tone for this article and the entire album. Every good hunting or fishing trip typically involves beer.


Like a bloodhound tracking some whitetail buck downThis duet with Morgan Wallen is built around red. That’s the color of rust, dirt roads, Budweiser cans, and barn doors. It’s also the color of most bloodhounds, which are used to track downed deer that are tough to find.

I’m talkin’ ’bout a county line stop sign full of birdshot… Red is also the color of a stop sign. If there is one thing I’ve learned from country music or growing up in Kentucky, it’s that rednecks love using firearms to put bulletholes in road signs.

drink one for me

I hope that you hear this when you’re fishing off the pier, or listening to Skynyrd jacked up at the skinning rack, caping out a ten-point deer… Sometimes you have to dedicate a beer to the homies. Especially those that have sadly passed away. HARDY seems to dedicate cold beers to friends who aren’t here anymore. This song goes out to an old hunting buddy who isn’t around to drink a beer while fishing or skinning a big buck.

i in country

Yeah, I light up when you catch one. Hell, it’s the background on my phone… Introducing new people to the great outdoors is always awesome. This love song includes a reference to getting a girl into fishing with you. Seeing your ole’ lady catch their first big bass and setting the pic as your phone background sounds like it’s as good as it gets.


You gotta look on up ‘fore it’s gone, but damn if we ain’t fixed on a good-for-nothing cellphone screen… HARDY uses this song to explore the things people get sucked into on their cell phone screens. It’s also about the things people tend to miss while staring down at their phones. Plenty of hunters can relate to missing their shot at something because they had their damn phone in their hand at a bad time.

the mockingbird & THE CROW

Catching bass and cutting grass is how I spent my summers... That right there is just the classic all-American summer for teenage dudes across the country.


 I drink beer, eat deer that I kill…I catch cats with a jug... There’s a shotgun in my shotgun seat, ‘Cause if it flies, it dies … Moon Pie dessert, largemouth wall art … Any list of redneck activities is obviously going to include references to pairing a nice venison dinner with a cold Busch Light, jugging catfish, always being prepared for a bird hunt, enjoying the ultimate hunting snack, and appreciating taxidermy as fine art.


In my Chevy, there’s a Yeti in the back with some beer… This duet with Jeremy McKinnon mentions something that many a good adventure begins with. That’s a pickup truck with a cooler of beer in the backseat and some good music on the music streaming platform of your choice.

The Entire Song “.30-06”

This is a classic country love song. Except it’s about some guy who loves hunting and guns more than he apparently loves his girlfriend.

The Entire Song “Kill Sh*t Till I Die”

As the title here suggests, this entire track is all about hunting and shooting sh*t.


I’m still the same old redneck f*ck, don’t give a damn. Ain’t afraid to throw a dead buck on my Instagram… (something he did indeed prove back in December).

And now for the encore. I saved my favorite HARDY lyric for last. Not only does he refer to himself as a redneck f*ck, but he also voices his support for grip n’ grin style hunting photos.

In a day and age where cancel culture and internet Karens raise hell about celebrities shooting animals, it’s great to see some of them ain’t backing down from their redneck roots.