This North Carolina State Fair Sells Rattlesnake Corn Dogs: Here’s What They Taste Like

by Samantha Whidden
- this-north-carolina-state-fair-sells-rattlesnake-corn-dogs-heres-what-they-taste-like
(Photo by Raphael GAILLARDE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Not something you’d expect on any menu, the North Carolina State Fair is now selling rattlesnake corn dogs. Here is what they taste like.

According to WRAL, the rattlesnake corn dog is rattlesnake meat that is grounded up and made into a bratwurst-style sausage. It is then cooked with some jalapeño peppers and chardonnay wine. Afterward, it is dipped into a corn dog mix. The media outlet investigated the creation of this unique type of food. 

“We use the same meat to put on top of our nachos with cheese,” Pioneer Wagon, the restaurant behind the rattlesnake corn dog, explained. “That meat and our venom sauce which is a really cool name for avocado salsa.”  

The rattlesnakes are caught in West Texas and go through a USDA facility to be made into sausages for the company. When asked what the rattlesnake corn dog tasted like, Pioneer Wagon shared, “It’s very beefy a little bit of chicken It has a very unique flavor. It’s not really gamey but it’s just it’s good. I liked it with the avocado sauce. So I would say get it with the avocado sauce.”

WRAL further reports that the rattlesnake corn dog is $10 at the North Carolina State Fair. Lifestyle Editor, Kathy Hanrahan described the item as a must-try for the media outlet’s team. “We were among the first to visit the Pioneer Wagon stand just down from the NC State Fair Flyer,” Hanrahan wrote. “It has a more beefy flavor than I thought it would. Get it with the venom sauce because that really helps balance out the flavors!”

Although her son also got the rattlesnake corn dog, Hanrahan said he couldn’t get passed the idea of eating rattlesnakes. He went with a regular corn dog instead. “If you are adventurous, try it!”

Along with Rattlesnake Corn Dogs, the North Carolina State Fair Offered Other Unique Menu Items 

WRAL also stated that along with rattlesnake corn dog, the North Carolina State Fair offered 40 new foods. This included Dole pineapple splits and pickle pizza. 

Other food items at the big event were Churros To Go’s Sparkling Churros, which are covered in colorful sprinkles. Kora’s Cookie Dough also had its Oreo Crumble Cookie Dough, which is served on a stick. Meanwhile, Hot Chix Hotcakes & Chicken had two interesting items on its menu. The first is pumpkin spice mini pancakes. The other was churro tots that were served with dulce de leche sauce for dipping. 

Tropical Delights also served its unique menu item, the Dole pineapple splits. The item’s ingredients included Dole pineapple and raspberry whip. It was served in a pineapple bowl and is topped with chocolate covered pineapple slices, toasted coconut flakes, and strawberries.