Three Bodies Pulled From Oklahoma Lake After Wind Gusts Flip Airboat

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Oklahoma Highway Patrol’s dive team pulled three bodies from a lake on Tuesday after strong winds supposedly flipped an airboat.

People magazine reports that the boating accident took place on Country Club Lake near Guthrie, OK. Officials have not determined an official cause of death yet. However, investigators suspect that strong winds in the area could have influenced the crash.

Per the news outlet, it took OHP’s dive team most of the afternoon to locate the victims involved in the crash. They reportedly pulled the boaters out of and located the boat in the water later that evening. Authorities continue to keep the identities of the victims pulled from the Oklahoma lake veiled from the public.

In addition to the dive team, investigators also got assistance from the Guthrie Fire Department. A different news outlet reports that the recovery team needed to use sonar technology to help locate the boaters’ bodies. The lake water at the time of the search had been incredibly murky, hence the use of the sonar tech.

Hopefully, soon, medical examiners are able to identify the true cause of death of the three Oklahoma boaters. Doing so should help bring closure to their friends and family.

Train Workers Rescue Woman Stranded On Oklahoma Lake

Earlier this year, train workers prevented what could have become another tragedy. An engineer and a conductor helped rescue a woman who’d become stranded on another, larger lake in Oklahoma.

Late last winter, a woman named Connie said she had separated from her male partner while the two tried to use an air mattress on Lake Texoma to reach another boat. Lake Texoma is one of the largest reservoirs in the county. Reports state that the man made it ashore while Connie continued to drift away.

The woman, who fortunately survived freezing weather conditions, was discovered by Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway train conductor Cristhian Sosa and train engineer Justin Luster.

Sosa, recalling the incident at the time, said that when they discovered the distressed woman, “she was literally laying on the ground waving one arm, basically her left arm, the one that her arm wasn’t stuck with her jacket, and she was asking for help.”

Sosa’s coworker Luster said after rescuing the woman from the Oklahoma Lake, “It was just kinda unexpected.”

He continued, “You know, with the weather we were having, we were the only train out there at that time…and I’m glad we could be there when we were.”

Woman Floats Two Miles on Freezing Lake Before Drifting Ashore

After locating Connie and contacting emergency personnel, Oklahoma Highway Patrol determined that the woman had drifted nearly two miles across Lake Texoma. That was before making it to shore and flagging down the train. Given the woman’s physical state at the time, Sosa shared her tale.

He explained that while crossing the lake, she had tried to keep some of her personal items from floating away. However, “before she knew it, she was on top of her air mattress, and she was adrift, and there was nothing she could do.”

First responders unsurprisingly found the woman suffering from hypothermia after she was rescued from the lake. Fortunately, however, they expected her to recover.