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Three Teen Hikers Lost on Hawaii Trail After Dark Are Rescued by Helicopter

by Amy Myers
Photo by Kent Nishimura/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The day after Thanksgiving, three hikers embarked on the Iliahi Ridge Trail in Pearl City, Hawaii before becoming lost and in need of rescue.

At around 10:38 p.m., roughly seven hours after the group of teen hikers started their journey, they contacted the Honolulu Fire Department for help. According to the news release from Hawaii officials, the crew was unable to hike down in the darkness on their own. Thankfully, they stayed together and waited for help to arrive.

Once rescue teams arrived, they trekked along Komo Mai Drive and tracked the location of the initial caller’s cell phone. Among the rescue crew, there were also medical professionals that assessed the three hikers. They declared that none of the hikers had injuries before airlifting them out of the wilderness area. By 11:38 p.m., Honolulu Fire Department safely brought the three explorers back to familiar ground.

Hikers Are Just One of Two Rescues Hawaii Officials Perform That Day

Unfortunately, this is far from the only rescue that Hawaii officials have had to perform lately. Not 24 hours before the extraction of the latest hikers, Honolulu Fire Department also rescued another traveler that suffered a similar fate along the Mount Kaala Trail. This time, the subject was a woman in her 40s who became lost after hiking for two hours.

An air team arrived at the general location of the hiker, but due to the terrain and high wind conditions, they could not perform an aerial rescue. Instead, personnel on foot met the woman where she stood and escorted her out of the area.

Having to perform two separate hiker rescues in a single day, Honolulu Fire Department was sure to also include hiking tips in their release. Ultimately, safety comes down to how well the hikers have prepared for their journey. One of the most important things travelers can do is to learn as much as they can about the route and the environment before getting in the car.

“Prior to hiking, learn about the trail you intend to hike so you will know the route, where to start, and the degree of difficulty,” officials shared in the release. “When you get to the trail’s entrance, read and follow signage. Be aware of restricted or closed trails. Do not just rely on social media to get the information you need about a trail.”

In addition to gathering background info, another vital tip for hiking in Hawaii is to hug a tree if you become lost.

“You will be found more quickly and reduce the chances of getting into further trouble, especially after dark, by staying in one place,” the department explained. “This is why it is important to notify someone of your hike location and destination.”