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TikTok Star Who Hit Golf Ball Into Grand Canyon Slapped With Fine

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Simon Massicotte / 500px

The TikTok user who became famous for all the wrong reasons after hitting a golf ball into the Grand Canyon has now had to pay for her dim-witted actions. According to reports, Katie Sigmond had to pay $285 for the brainless behavior. However, many are now up in arms that the National Park Service didn’t make her pay more. 

At first, the NPS told her she could pay a potential fine of $5,000 and even up to six months in prison. 

The golf ball blunder started in October when Sigmond posted a clip online showing her hitting the golf ball into the canyon. She was near Mather Point at the time. The video also shows the club flying off the handle, tumbling into the massive canyon. 

After users flooded the comments to condemn the action, she removed the video. However, another user anonymous user was quick to post it on Reddit. On the subreddit r/NationalPark, someone shared a screen recording of Sigmond’s Snapchat Story. It’s now garnered more than 900 comments. Users condemned her for littering and endangering other tourists and wildlife below her at the Grand Canyon.

Later, law enforcement found Sigmond and she was charged with three Class B misdemeanors. 

“She was only cited for disorderly conduct and tossing or throwing items into the canyon, which carry a maximum fine of $5,000 and six months in prison, according to a copy of the written record of the collateral forfeiture agreement that the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona provided to The Arizona Republic,” wrote the Arizona Republic. 

Social media erupts in anger after TikTok user slapped with minimal fine for hitting golf ball into Grand Canyon

They continued: “Sigmond was ordered to pay a $285 fine, which includes $60 in processing fees. A spokesman for the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts confirmed to The Republic that the Central Violations Bureau received two payments of $155 and $130 from Katie Sigmond on Nov. 15.”

Despite making her pay a fine, people said it wasn’t nearly enough. Users ripped apart the seemingly lax fine on various social media platforms such as the Grand Canyon National Park Facebook page, the Arizona Republic Facebook page, and Sigmond’s Instagram account. 

“Please increase the penalty for littering or pulling stupid stunts to deter further damage. Less than $300 is not a deterrent,” wrote one irritated user. Someone else added, “Should’ve given a max fine of $5k.”

“Still cheaper than a meal and a few drinks at Top Golf,” penned someone else while someone pointed out that a ticket to Disneyland would cost more than her fine. 

Sigmond has nearly seven million followers on TikTok and three million on Instagram.