TikTokers Fear Recent Ladybug and Frog Trends Will Seriously Damage Environment

by Amy Myers

Unless you have an advanced degree in zoology or ecology, it’s probably not a good idea to mess with the balance of natural food chains. Despite this, two TikTokers decided to take matters into their own hands and unleash havoc on local environments in the form of millions of ladybugs and frogs.

The culprits behind the efforts have decided that the world needs more of these small creatures. Neither are on any endangered species lists, and they’re fairly resilient on their own. For the frog perpetrator, they decided to “rescue” frogspawn from “drying up ponds” and raise thousands of eggs in a small pond in their backyard. Meanwhile, the ladybug advocate decided to purchase 250,000 ladybugs for just $75 once they got enough comments in their original video.

Whatever the reason these two decided to create their “armies,” many concerned viewers agree that this could easily wipe out other crucial populations sharing the ecosystem.

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Not surprisingly, there were a large number of viewers that supported the effort. Though, this may only be for the comedy of the situation. But many others understood the ramifications behind the social-media-driven decisions.

Likewise, environmentalists agree that these actions could pose huge threats to the environment, including the frogs and ladybugs, themselves.

“It makes me cringe,” Tierra Curry, a conservation biologist at the Center for Biological Diversity, told the Guardian. “Instead of helping, [they] are actually hurting the animals they’re releasing and all the animals in the environment that they’re releasing them into—it’s creating a vector for disease and invasive species.” 

How the Frog and Ladybug Crazes Began

While the inspiration for the frog army began innocently enough, it quickly spiraled out of control. Slowly, the TikToker collected frogspawn from water sources, plopping each one into their small pond. Soon enough, there were more eggs than there was actually water. Once the tadpoles sprouted legs, they migrated to the surrounding neighborhood grasses. The TikToker even claimed that one of their neighbors moved away because of the infestation. Next season, they plan to grow their army to 10 million frogs.

The story behind the ladybug raid is a bit wilder than the frog army origin story. The quest began in 2018 when the user first found out how to purchase ladybugs from a supplier in Japan. For seemingly no other reason than to wreak havoc, the TikToker vowed to release 100 million ladybugs in Central Park in New York.

Following the first release, the person promptly received an intent to sue for $350,000 for attempting to “environmentally terrorise New York in a vigilante manner.”

Even with the hefty payment and court-ordered house arrest, this still didn’t stop their efforts. At one point, the TikToker even moved out of the country to avoid punishment for their actions. Recently, though they gave another update stating that they were completing “side missions” in Miami.

There are theories that both the frog and ladybug infestations are nothing but hoaxes. For the sake of the environment, we hope these theories are true.