Toddler Bitten by Deadly Brown Snake at Daycare Center

by Shelby Scott
(Photo credit WILLIAM WEST/AFP via Getty Images)

A toddler at an Australian childcare center is receiving treatment for a potentially deadly bite from a venomous brown snake after the reptile was seen “crawling over” them. According to the Daily Mail, paramedics rushed to a childcare center called Kidz at the Beach in Bowen, North Queensland on Tuesday afternoon. The encounter took place around 1:35 local time. Per the news outlet, the child sustained two puncture wounds on their hand. The snake that bit them reportedly measured nearly 16 inches in length.

So far, authorities have not reported on the toddler’s condition following its encounter with the brown snake. However, we hope paramedics arrived in time because brown snakes are considered some of the most dangerous in the world.

Overall, brown snakes vary in length. The largest ones can reach more than eight feet in length. However, as one of the most venomous snakes internationally, experts report a bite from even a juvenile could be fatal.

How to Care for a Snake Bite

For now, as we await further news on the toddler’s condition, take a look at the below tips about what to do if you happen to sustain a bite from a venomous snake.

More than anything, it’s crucial to keep the limb that was bitten as completely still as possible. This is to help reduce the spread of the snake’s venom throughout the rest of the body.

First, the outlet recommends applying a broad pressure bandage firmly and tightly to the wound. Professionals also recommend splinting the limb with the bite to further prevent movement. Keeping the victim, overall, completely still is extremely important. Above all else, if possible, bystanders should transport the victim to a professional care facility as soon as possible.

Another important note is that victims should not wash the affected area, nor should they try and suck out the snake’s venom.

Third most important tip is to remember not to cut the snake bite nor apply a high tourniquet. Cutting won’t help and releasing pressure from a high tourniquet could potentially prove fatal.

Mom Rescues Toddler From Eastern Brown Snake in Melbourne

If snakes aren’t your thing, you might want to avoid Australia. Before the most recent brown snake incident, a mother in Melbourne demonstrated quick thinking putting herself in danger to rescue her toddler from another that was about to strike.

Daniella Vizzini had been enjoying a warm day outside in her backyard with her daughter when she saw the snake about to strike. Recalling the scary incident, she said, “I saw it rise up out of the ground because it was in like an ‘S’ shape. It was ready, it looked like it was ready to strike her. It was frightening. Terrifying.”

Though Vizzini’s daughter managed to avoid a potentially deadly encounter, the Melbourne resident said her area is experiencing issues with a number of venomous snakes recently. She claimed the local council “wasn’t doing enough” to help quell the issue.