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Tornado Aftermath Photo Reveals Destroyed Building with Only a Few Cinder Blocks Standing

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Rick Gershon/Getty Images)

Between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, the Storm Prediction Center received more than two dozen tornado reports from across the Southeast. While areas across Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi sustained critical structural damage, the former suffered the heaviest impact. As rescue and utility crews got to work Wednesday afternoon, one photo captured the extent of the damage near AL’s Montgomery County. The image shows just a handful of cinder blocks left standing after a tornado ravaged the rest of the building.

The photo featured on Birmingham, Alabama’s National Weather Service office’s Twitter account. Per their caption, the structural damage captured in the above photo is the result of an EF-1 tornado. The tornado struck the Flatwood Community north of Montgomery, AL in Montgomery County.

In the photo, viewers can see uprooted trees, shredded branches, an overturned desk chair, a now-useless radiator, and other debris. The NWS’s post is just one of many that have gone viral since tornadoes began impacting Alabama on Tuesday. A viral video out of Eutaw, AL shows a devastated apartment complex with its roof completely torn off. The aerial footage takes in exposed apartments, with bedrooms and various living spaces now vulnerable to the elements. The apocalyptic scene doesn’t only contain usual storm — including ripped-apart insulation and collapsed dry wall. In a haunting way, the clip also captured picture frames in one apartment still, by some miracle, clinging to the wall, while in another apartment, a TV remains standing on its base.

Tornado Rips Through Panama City, Florida as Commuters Go On About Their Day

As stated, Alabama bore the brunt of damaged left behind by multiple tornadoes between Tuesday and Wednesday. However, other states across the south saw severe weather as well. Farther east, footage captures a tornado as it rips through Panama City, Florida as commuters continue driving to their destinations.

Weather Nation shared the video footage on Twitter, the clip capturing a massive funnel cloud against a pink morning sky as palm trees whip back and forth in the wind. Lightning flashes against an orangey-pink backdrop as the cloud hovers over Panama City Beach. Floridians, many of whom are accustomed to severe weather like this, seemingly disregarded the tornado, with cars driving back and forth on the road way in no apparent rush.

Still, Weather Nation issued a serious warning for Panama City residents. In their caption, they wrote, “A tornado warning was issued for Panama City Beach, FL earlier this morning…Stay weather aware if you are in FL this morning, a lot of severe storms are moving through!”

Since it was posted at 10:20 this morning, the clip has seen more than 1,000 views.

Outsiders across the Southeast should pay close attention to weather alerts Wednesday afternoon as the ongoing storm system moves eastward.