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Tourist Narrowly Survives 130-Foot Fall From Cliff in Bali

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by bloodua via Getty Images)

Though less than half the size of Hawaii’s big island, Bali, Indonesia, packs a punch in terms of adventure and awe-inspiring sights. With its gorgeous beaches, lush landscapes, crystal clear waters, and looming volcanoes, Bali is known as the Land of the Gods for a reason. It’s an absolutely magical destination. That magic, however, does not make common sense an unnecessary precaution.

On Monday (November 21), a man was enjoying a morning at Broken Beach, a popular tourist destination in Bali, when he decided to take some photos. From the top of a cliff with a clear blue sky and the glittering ocean behind him, the man began striking poses for the camera.

After a few snaps, however, he decided regular poses weren’t quite daring enough. Wouldn’t a shot of him doing a flip on the edge of the world make a fantastic photo? So he did just that. But he didn’t land his somersault on the edge of the cliff. Instead, he flipped off the edge, plummeting 130 feet before landing on the rocky beach below.

At around 10 in the morning, emergency services received a panicked call from the person taking photographs of the fallen man. A tour guide familiar with the area, the photographer knew his companion’s chances of survival were slim to none.

Emergency Crews Successfully Rescue Man Following Fall From Bali Cliff

Emergency crews immediately rushed to the scene by sea and by land. Unfortunately, the sea crew were unable to reach the man. The massive waves crashing against the cliff prevented their boat’s approach. Rescuers on land struggled as well. The dangerous terrain surrounding the cliff made it nearly impossible to descend to the beach below.

Eventually, however, a member of the land team was lowered down to assess the victim’s condition. Shortly after, another rescue crew member was lowered, along with a stretcher. While on the beach, the two-man crew treated the man for his injuries.

Miraculously, though he had fallen from the equivalent of an 11-story building, the man appeared to have only injured a leg and an arm. And though the injury to his limbs was severe, he was extremely lucky to be alive. “We gave initial treatment to reduce bleeding from leg and hand injuries,” the Head of Bali Basarnas Office Gede Darmada explained to Detik Bali, a local publication.

After doing what they could for the man on the beach, the rescuers carefully loaded him onto the stretcher. From there, he was pulled up to the top of the cliff and transported to a nearby hospital. “He’s broken his leg and his arm,” a man’s voice can be heard saying in a video of the aftermath. “And how the f–k he survived, I can’t tell you.”