Tragic Hunting Accident Inspires Minnesota Family to Speak Out on Hunting Safety

by Amy Myers
Photo By Tim Leedy/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

Following the tragic loss of their 12-year-old son in a hunting accident, the parents of Jeremy Her cautioned other Minnesota families about the dangers of the sport.

Two weeks ago, Jeremy and his uncle went squirrel hunting in a rural part of Crass County. According to Jeremy’s father, Thai Her, prior to the accident, the 12-year-old had been hunting and new a bit about the sport. On October 9, Jeremy’s 47-year-old uncle accidentally shot him during their excursion, and a helicopter had to med-evac the young boy to a hospital in the Twin Cities. Jeremy later died from his injuries.

As authorities continue to investigate the hunting accident, Her and his wife, Blia Xiong, spoke out about the loss of their son and even suggested that they rethink allowing their kids to take part in the sport.

“Let this be a lesson for you as mother: Don’t allow your child to go hunting, so you won’t encounter similar experiences that I have. My heart’s broken to pieces,” said Xiong, Jeremy’s mother, through a Hmong 18 Council translator.

“Every day, every night before I go to sleep, I hold my son’s pictures, see his smiles and I look at him. I wish (it were) only a dream,” Xiong continued. “How long is it going to take me to grieve him — to remove him from my heart, from my mind?”

The St. Paul-native father stated that on the same day of the accident, he too had been hunting with one of Jeremy’s 16 siblings. Currently, authorities have not revealed any other details regarding the tragedy. Hopefully, the investigation will help bring answers and closure to the grieving family. Until then, the Hers have set funeral plans for this weekend.

Minnesota Family Remembers Young Son Following Hunting Accident

In order to keep his memory alive, Jeremy’s family recalled what they loved most about the smart and caring 12-year-old.

“I love Jeremy so much. He’s a great son, a good son,” Her said of his son. “He’s a very talented student. He learned things very fast, and he listened to you a lot. He’s very skillful.”

Meanwhile, Jeremy’s sisters remembered his love for hot Cheetohs and his ability to quickly pick up a new skill.

“My brother was a very sweet boy. He loved a lot of things, like he loved Korean spicy noodles,” said Yuki Her, who is just a year older than Jeremy.

As it turned out, hunting was just one of the many hobbies that Jeremy enjoyed.

“He loved bike riding, he loved riding his skateboard. He loved to help my dad fix cars, fix like the lawnmower,” Jeremy’s sister Gaojoua Her added.

The family stressed just how difficult Christmas will be this year, as the holiday is also Jeremy’s birthday.