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Tragic Video Shows Two Helicopters Crashing In Midair

by Brett Stayton
Helicopter Going Down In Flames
Photo by MMADIA/Getty Images

A shocking video out of Australia captured by a passenger on a helicopter shows the moment the chopper they were traveling in crashes. Fair warning, it’s a very stressful video. It was shared at the beginning of the month by Unilad. Both helicopter flights were charted through Sea World Tourist Flights, which has nothing to do with the famous aquatic theme park in Florida.

4 people died in the collision, including pilot Ash Jenkinson. Also killed were a British couple named Ron and Diane Hughes. Vanessa Tadros from Sydney, Australia was also killed in the wreck. Three other passengers were critically injured. In the video, one of the passengers can be seen pointing at something and trying to get the pilot’s attention. It’s believed they were pointing at the other oncoming helicopter. Glass goes flying as the choppers collide.

The video is expected to play a key role in ongoing legal proceedings regarding the incident. Australian pilot and lawyer Peter Carter shared his thoughts on the situation. “It shows, in my estimation, the aircraft is below 1000 feet, it’s just passed one of the landing zones … the video reveals that the pilot was unaware of the other aircraft. Perhaps it suggests that one of the passengers may have been alerted to something and may have been trying to get the pilot’s attention,” he said.

It is believed that one helicopter was trying to land just as another was taking off. Carter also added that audio from the incident will be reviewed as part of the court case. “The departing helicopter ought to have broadcast he was departing and likewise the other aircraft.”

Survivors Who Walked Away From The Crash Issued Joint Statement

The survivors of the wreck issued a joint statement. They shared their sadness and condolences for those who were lost. They also asked for privacy moving forward.

“We are grateful and blessed to have been spared but very sad for the people who lost loved ones and the little ones and mum fighting for their lives in hospital. Our hearts are so heavy for them,” the statement reads. Our deepest sympathies and sincere condolences to the injured and the deceased and their families. We will share more when we are ready; however, as we are coming to grips with what has happened and the resultant impact on our lives we ask that our need for privacy be respected at this time.”

The incident actually occurred back in January, though it remains in the news as the investigation is ongoing. Those who survived did so largely thanks to the efforts of pilot Michael James. Against all odds, he successfully landed the failing aircraft on a sandbank near the park.