Trailer Runner Goes Missing in San Juan National Forest, Search and Rescue Investigating

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Trail runner David Lunde has gone missing in the San Juan National Forest and a search and rescue team is asking for help. This call for action comes from La Plata County Search and Rescue. The department is asking for those who are in the area of La Plata Canyon to look out for signs of Lunde.

The trail runner was seen more than two weeks ago, back on October 1. Lunde happens to be on a long run about 15 miles northwest of Durango in the San Juan National Forest when he disappeared. His most recent location was at Snowslide Campground.

Lunde was traveling a route that would have put him in a wide area. This includes Keenebec Trailhead, Eagle Pass, and Burwell Peak, also near Kroeger Campground. While using AllTrails mapping, it appears that the route also would have crossed over other areas, too. For instance, areas like Star Peak, Gibbs Peak, Deadwood Mountain, Silver Mountain, and Lewis Mountain. These are very treacherous areas for him to cross over at this time.

Trail Runner Was Taking In Points Of Interest In San Juan National Forest

Toss in a few more points of interest on Lunde’s trail run, too, in the San Juan National Forest. The mileage would have been in the double digits, with significant elevation gain at a high elevation, Out There Colorado reports. Search and rescue crews indicate that Lunde may be wearing red shoes and a brown hat, with two water bottles and a cell phone. If anyone has information regarding Lunde’s whereabouts, then please contact La Plata County Search and Rescue at 970-385-2900 or [email protected]

In other trail runner action, one of them in Washington suffered serious injuries after an encounter with a black bear. This runner happened to be transported to a hospital and was released the same day. This is according to a release from the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife. “We are extremely thankful that the victim is recovering and receiving medical care from this unfortunate encounter,” WDFW Police North South Captain Jennifer Maurstad said in an official statement. 

The release also indicated that WDFW officers located an adult black bear near where the incident occurred and “lethally removed” the bear. The state of Washington has only had one fatal black bear attack on a human. The attack occurred nearly 50 years ago in 1974, according to state officials. Making sure that you are safe on the trails while going on a run is very important. These stories are worth taking note of as you might be hitting the trails yourself. Take care of yourself out there. Make sure that you have all safety precautions taken care of for you.