Two American Tourists Attacked by Crocodile at Mexican Resort

by Chris Haney

Earlier this week, a crocodile attacked two American tourists while at a resort in Mexico as both men sustained serious injuries. The two unnamed men were on vacation and visiting Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta resort.

What likely started out as a relaxing vacation day at the Mexican resort almost turned deadly for the two tourists from Colorado. After one of the men went swimming, that’s when the crocodile attacked. The other man jumped in the water to help his friend escape, but the crocodile then turned its attention to him. Both men escaped the water, but each suffered several injuries in the attack.

The civil defense office in the western state of Jalisco shared further details about the attack. On Wednesday, the office posted about the incident on Facebook confirming the tourist’s injuries. Officials said one man suffered injuries to his legs, chest, arm, and abdomen. The crocodile also injured the other tourist’s hand and upper thigh.

According to the Facebook post, first responders treated the two men at the scene. Medics attended to the tourists at the resort before transporting them to a local hospital. Further reports noted that crocodiles are common in the area where the attack happened. There’s a large population of the reptiles that live on the shores and coastal wetlands of the Pacific coast resort of Puerto Vallarta.

Human Body Discovered Inside Swollen Belly of 13-Foot Crocodile

While the two men in Mexico were able to escape with their lives, another man in Indonesia wasn’t so lucky. Earlier this month, villagers near Bintuni Bay captured a crocodile that had eaten a local man whole.

Construction worker Yeniman Bernard supposedly went for a swim and was last seen resting on the edge of a boat. That’s when a 13-foot crocodile grabbed ahold of him and pulled Bernard underwater. The huge croc kept him submerged in the bay as villagers searched for the man in an attempt to rescue him.

It took locals a full day to track down the giant reptile who had a swollen and bloated belly when they found it. Upon killing and dissecting the crocodile, they found the remains of the man within the beast. Bituni Bay police chief Lukkas Resihol spoke about the incident and confirmed that the victim was indeed Bernard after analyzing bone and skull fragments.

“After dissecting it, it was clear that there was a man in its stomach,” Resihol said. “We confirm that the victim inside the crocodile is the person we are looking for.”

Officials have once again warned locals in the Bituni Bay area about the crocodiles. While the 13-foot croc was obviously large enough to kill the man and swallow him whole, male saltwater crocodiles can reach up to 23-feet long.

Croc attacks aren’t common, but they aren’t rare either. From 2010 to 2020, official reports show that crocodiles are responsible for 668 deadly saltwater attacks across the globe.