Two Colorado Hikers Suffer Leg Injuries Within Hours of Each Other

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

When it comes to hikers, safety is a top priority and we learn about how much that does matter when out on the trail. One Colorado hiker happens to suffer leg injuries and another does, too, but receives some help along the way. Let’s start with the first one, though. Reportedly, deputies and search and rescue team members from the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office go out to Hope Lake on Saturday.

This gets done after the team receives reports of a hiker suffering a lower leg injury, a press release indicated. Hope Lake is about a six-mile, out-and-back trail located about 17 miles from Telluride. Website indicates that Hope Lake Trail is moderately challenging. It has 1,515 feet of elevation gain. For this story, the hiker happened to be a 28-year-old woman from Cortez, Colorado.

Hikers Injured, Rescued By Search Team

She had reportedly fallen after she and her companion turned the wrong way near Poverty Gulch, Out There Colorado reported. According to the press release, “She was unable to bear weight and required extrication. Sheriff’s air resource inserted SAR to area where they hiked to the woman and carried her in a litter to helicopter.”

Reportedly, both are safely delivered to their vehicles. They reportedly would seek medical care on their own. Search and rescue crews happen to learn of yet another hiker who was injured. This person happened to be about 21 miles away and located in the Bridal Veil Falls area of Telluride.

New York Hiker Suffered Injuries On New Hampshire Trail

This hiker, who reportedly was 49 years old, suffered a lower leg injury. A press release states, “Sheriff’s air resource finished previous mission and provided assistance locating the hiker who was brought to safety with deputies and the Telluride Police Department.” Hikers know that there can be dangerous moments out there on the trails. Sometimes, they can handle their situations quite well.

Other times, they will need help and support from other people. But these hikers needed help and, thankfully, they did receive it. Meanwhile, what will happen with other hikers? Do they receive the same type of help that these individuals did? We hope so. But we will note how interesting it is that these two hikers, just within a matter of time, got their help.

In other hiker-related news, one gets help after being on a New Hampshire trail with a severe leg injury. Let’s keep up with the theme of leg injuries out on these trails. The person injured on Wednesday morning was Zhaojing Zhong, 59, who comes from the Bronx, New York. In fact, it was Zhong, her husband, and two friends out on the Franconia Ridge Trail Loop. All of this action happened on October 4.