Two Montana Poachers Convicted of Killing Trophy Bull Elk

by Chris Haney

Recently, officials in Montana announced that two poachers have been sentenced on separate felony cases for illegally killing trophy bull elk. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks shared that the two men have been fined and received hunting suspensions as well.

Montana FWP released details about each man’s case after being accused of poaching. 37-year-old Alex St. Marie from Missoula pleaded guilty to a felony charge for poaching two bull elk. Fergus County District Court also charged St. Marie with several misdemeanors dating back to offenses from October 2021.

St. Marie pleaded guilty in the shooting of two bull elk on private property without permission. He was caught poaching along Snowy Mountain Road in the Little Snowy Mountains. Additionally, he didn’t have the necessary permit to harvest a brow-tined elk.

The convicted poacher shot the two bulls from a nearby public roadway. After shooting them, St. Marie drove off-road onto private property to pick up the elk. Later on, he disposed of the elk bodies and only kept their heads. That resulted in another offense, which led to an additional charge of wasting meat. St. Marie’s conviction includes fines and restitution of $2,000. He also received a five-year suspension from all hunting, trapping, and fishing privileges.

In a separate case, 47-year-old Allen John Cantu from Ballantine also pleaded guilty in illegally killing a big game animal and tampering with evidence. The Yellowstone County District Court sentenced Cantu for unlawful possession of a trophy bull elk and tampering, which are both felonies.

In November 2019, Cantu shot a bull elk in the Little Snowy Mountains. Cantu’s guilty conviction includes $10,000 in fines and restitution. He also received a five-year suspension from all hunting, trapping and fishing privileges.

Country Star Parker McCollum Takes Down Bull Elk After 3-Day Hunt

Unlike the two convicted poachers in Montana, most big game hunters do things by the book. That includes country star Parker MCCollum who took down a “beast” bull elk last week after “3 full days” of hunting to bag his prize.

In a post shared on his Instagram account, McCollum detailed his recent outdoor adventure for his fans and followers. The country singer went out to the Aught Six Ranch in Colorado to hunt the big game. He had to be patient, but things paid off as he and a hunting buddy are seen with the huge elk following their kill.

“Took 3 full days but we got it done just before dark last night here at the @aughtsixranch,” McCollum wrote in his caption. “Truly the bull of a lifetime. Unbelievably grateful for the chance to harvest this beast. This ranch is just special, there is no other way to explain it. @davwatts & @mecham_hounds I owe you fellas big time!”

“I’ll never forget this week!” he concluded his caption.

Some of McCollum’s fellow country music stars commented on his proud post after showing off the enormous bull elk. Thomas Rhett commented on McCollum’s post, saying “Dang son.. congrats!!”

Country singer Sam Hunt said “Way to go!” as he congratulated McCollum on the 12-pointer. Additionally, country musician Chris Colston chimed in on the elk photo saying “Handlebars. Congrats!”