Two ‘Tropical Disturbances’ to Form in Atlantic Days After Hurricane Ian Slammed Florida

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Andrew McArthur

Two new “tropical disturbances” have formed in the Atlantic Ocean just days after Hurricane Ian pummeled into Florida’s gulf coast, leaving the state in devastating wreckage.

According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC), Tropical Depression 12, which is located 440 miles west of Cabo Verde, showed sustained winds of 35 mph. It also moved northwest at 12 mph at 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

However, rising upper-level winds are likely to curb any potential intensity. Forecasters say the depression is expected to be “short-lived” and will disappear late on Thursday.

At the same time, forecasters report that a second disturbance closer to Florida, located east of the Windward Islands at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, could grow in strength over the next few days.

“Regardless of development, heavy rainfall with localized flooding, as well as gusty winds, are expected over portions of the Windward Islands, northern portions of South America, and the ABC Islands during the next couple of days,” read the NHC’s most recent report.

“Interests in those locations, in addition to those in Central America, should continue to monitor the progress of this system,” the center added.

According to the NHC, the storm has a 60 percent chance of intensifying into a tropical depression by Thursday evening. It also has an 80 percent chance of doing so by Sunday evening.

“A tropical depression is likely to form over the next several days if the system remains over open waters while moving westward at about 15 mph through the Windward Islands and into the Caribbean Sea.
‘Another Air Force Reconnaissance mission is scheduled to investigate this system tomorrow morning, if necessary,” the center adds.

Two new storm systems form as Florida begins to rebuild following Hurricane Ian’s devastation

The new developments come as the death toll continues to climb after Ian battered into Florida. Rescue crews continue looking for survivors as many begin rebuilding their communities. Per officials, as of Tuesday, at least 100 people have died due to the Hurricane.

The Florida Medical Examiners Commission also reported a death in Martin County, Manatee County, and Sarasota County.

In addition, four people in North Carolina have also died due to the destructive hurricane system. Last Wednesday, the catastrophic Hurricane made landfall in Florida, later leaving millions of Floridians left without power. More than two million residents went without power.

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis also said 79,000 structures have been searched. He also announced opening the first Disaster Recovery Center in Fort Myers. This will give aid to residents and businesses affected by the storm.

At this time, it’s still unclear how many people remain unaccounted for. The Florida Division of Emergency Management is trying to form a list of missing people.