UFO Sighting in Utah ‘Eerily Similar’ to Those From Infamous Paranormal Hotspot

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: David Wall

A witness recently claimed that a UFO sighting is “eerily similar to creepy Skinwalker Ranch where 50ft disks and mutilated cows were seen.”

Skinwalker Ranch, known as “the most scientifically studied paranormal hotspot on the planet,” has been studied by UFO enthusiasts for decades.

According to reports from the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), a witness in Utah recently reported seeing a circular-shaped object. They later said that it “looked like a planet in the sky near the moon.”

After making sure it wasn’t a planet, the witness said: “It’s also too large at that distance to be a drone or at least a civilian drone. What I saw is a head-scratcher for sure.”

He added: “Skinwalker Ranch is a couple of hours away and what I saw looks exactly like what they’ve seen over the ranch multiple times if you’ve seen the show.”

In the past, the ranch was in cahoots with a Pentagon-funded project to study UFO activity. The study also investigated cattle mutilations and other odd phenomena.

In addition, the ranch is known for being a “living laboratory” that studies other life forms and possible inter-dimensional phenomena. Previously, the National Institute for Discovery Science also used the ranch to study paranormal activity.  Brandon Fugal, a commercial real estate investor in Utah, has owned the land since 2016. He bought it from aerospace businessman Robert Bigelow.

New details emerge surrounding Pentagon’s study on UFO ranch

From a young age, he had been interested in other-worldly activity and bought the land to study extraterrestrial life. In 2021, he gave full access to his land to Dr. Travis Taylor. He previously worked for the US Department of Defense. Dr. Taylor’s investigation was the focal point of a series called “The Curse of Skinwalker Ranch.”

“As early as 1911, the homesteaders started seeing unexplained phenomena. By 1979, there were a lot of UFO sightings being documented,” Fugal said. 

“People (who visit the ranch) have had really acute medical episodes … everything from nausea to perception-altering experiences and even temporary paralysis. Then the Sherman family acquired the property in 1992 and were witness to some of the most disturbing events on record.”

He continued: “There were daylight cattle mutilations. We are talking [about] surgically precise dissections. They were drained of their blood … as much as 25 percent of the herd were lost.”

During the investigation, he and his team saw several UFO sightings. They also heard accounts of cows being “turned inside out” and noticed strange activity happening in the ground beneath the ranch and the skies above.

A report by The New York Times proved the study’s existence in 2017. Additional details later emerged in a report studying the US Defense Department’s mysterious Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.