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Van Stolen by Teens, Crashed into Gun and Hunting Store

by Emily Morgan
Van Stolen Teens Crashed Gun Hunting Store
Photo by: Artas

Two teens are in hot water after they stole a van in Natchez, Mississippi, and crashed it through the front of a gun and hunting store. According to reports from Natchez Police Chief Cal Green, the police department got a call about the accident at 5:13 a.m. at Bowie’s Outfitters.

Once officers arrived on the scene, they saw the stolen white van in front of the store. Per eyewitness reports, people saw an African American get out of the van. Then, two minutes later, the vehicle’s driver put the van in gear and drove it straight into the business, taking out a glass wall along the way.

Then, the unknown driver put the car in reverse, and the two suspects went into the store for a few moments before exiting on foot. According to reports, an off-duty Sheriff’s deputy called emergency dispatchers and informed them about the situation, saying the two men were walking down a road, looking for a ride.

Later, Natchez Police officers picked up the men, who were still wearing the clothing from the video footage from the store. The men were moved to the Natchez Police Department, then to the town’s Juvenile Detention Center.

Illinois man takes police on ‘wild chase’, ends in tragic crash

Meanwhile, in Illinois, a man led police on a wild car chase that ended in an unfortunate crash during the early morning hours of Jan. 7. After the accident, the man was taken to the hospital and awaited charges.

After the high-speed pursuit, the man’s vehicle crashed into a tree at 12:45 a.m.

According to Riverside Public Safety Director Matthew Buckley, the perpetrator reportedly appeared to be intoxicated. As a result, he now faces DUI charges.

In addition, security footage shared on Facebook showed a brief moment of the incident. In it, users can see the car spinning out of control, crossing multiple lanes of traffic, and slamming rear-end first through the front wall and into a local business.

As the video shows, the car remained inside the business for a brief moment. Then, a police cruiser stops in front of the store.

Then, the car pulls out and speeds down a street, hitting “several trees” along the way. Police later pulled the driver from the vehicle and used fire extinguishers to put out a fire in the engine.

Per reports from Buckley, the driver was not in a stolen car. According to River Forest Police Chief James O’Shea, the incident began as an attempted traffic stop.

An officer following the car later said it was maintaining a legal speed. However, it began to accelerate when police attempted to stop it. At this time, it’s unclear when police began chasing the vehicle.