Victims Identified After Two Small Planes Crash Mid-Air in Colorado: Report

by Tia Bailey

Two small planes crashed mid-air in Colorado recently, and now the victims have been identified from the crash.

This past Saturday, September 17, a Cessna 172 and a Sonex Xenos crash mid-air above Boulder County in Colorado. Three people died as a result, and they have been identified as 22-year-old Daniel Wilmouth, 23-year-old Samuel Fisher, and 69-year-old Henry Butler.

According to Out There Colorado, the National Transport Safety Board (NTSB) believe the Cessna 172 may have been trying to make a turn and lost track of the second airplane, which caused the crash.

Witnesses told 9News that “they were surprised that an accident like this could happen on such a clear morning.”

The collision happened early, at 8:50 a.m. Many witnessed the event. Jeff Walcott shared with CBS News that he heard the accident while having his morning coffee.

“Then a loud ‘pop’…a few seconds later louder ‘pop’ and then crash,” he told CBS Colorado’s Brian Maass. 

Cary Haynes also told the publication about his experience, saying that the sound had sounded like a gunshot.

“We heard a loud ‘pop’, then my neighbor texted me..he saw the planes hit mid-air right over our house,” Hayes told Maass. 

 “It’s surprising it could happen on a beautiful, sunny morning like today,” he added.

Several Planes Crash in Colorado Over Past Week

Unfortunately, this was not the only plane crash in the state recently. Earlier last week, a pilot was called reckless after a stunt he pulled while flying a plane.

Photographer Stephanie Stamos spoke about seeing the dangerous act.

“I was up at Horsetooth doing a photo shoot for a high school senior,” Stamos said. “All of a sudden I see this plane and it was coming in so low.”

Although Stamos usually photographs portraits, she was an asset to the investigation with the photos she captured.

“He was so close to the boats I thought he was going to hit the boats. And when you see the picture, it was even closer than I thought it was. His wheel was almost right on top of the boat,” Stamos said. “You can see the person in the boat with their hands up.”

The photographer’s pictures of the incident are insane.

“You could see point-by-point,” Stamos said. “The footage is incredible.” 

There were two passengers onboard, and they both were able to exit the plane with minor injuries. Many aviation experts have spoken out about the pilot’s erratic flying, and called him irresponsible.

Kevin Kuhlmann from Metro State University of Denver shared that the images captured of the pilot very likely show him breaking aviation guidelines.

”That is the epitome of reckless and careless operation of an aircraft,” Kuhlmann said.

He explained that this is because flying close to the water is only legal if there are no boats or humans near the vicinity, which was not the case.