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Video Shows Coyote Attacking Young Child in Los Angeles Before Dad Chases the Animal Off

by Craig Garrett
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Video footage shows a coyote attacking a 2-year old girl outside her Los Angeles home in broad daylight before her father scares it away. Home security footage captured the harrowing moment when a wild animal dragged a toddler across her lawn and sidewalk. The girl’s father had just taken her out of a car seat and set her down before turning back to the vehicle to gather her toys, leaving the child alone for only seconds before the attack occurred. They had arrived home not long ago, straight from her preschool.

The father, Ariel Eliyahuo, was startled by a girl’s screams coming from the other side of his SUV. When he realized she was being attacked by a coyote, he shouted and charged at the animal. It released the girl and ran off. Meanwhile, the girl’s mother can also be heard screaming from the front door of the house.

The girl was scratched and bruised in the Friday attack and received emergency room treatment, including the rabies vaccine. The animal has not been captured yet, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife is investigating.

The girl’s mother, Shira Eliyahuo, recalled the incident she watched unfold from the front door. “She has a lot of scratches on her left leg. One of them is really deep,” the mother told KTLA. “The coyote just kind of dragged her so her face is also a little bit bruised.” Though you may see coyotes regularly in some Los Angeles neighborhoods, attacks on people by these animals are quite rare.

Authorities are on guard following the coyote attack

Before Friday’s coyote attack, seven other attacks on humans had been reported in Los Angeles County, according to California Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesperson Patrick Foy. Several residents in the Martha Street neighborhood reported seeing coyotes before the attack, he said. “There has been a noted coyote problem in that area, and local residents have been reporting an aggressive-acting coyote that had no fear of people,” Foy told the Los Angeles Daily News.

After receiving reports of coyote sightings, department personnel conducted door-to-door outreach in the Martha Street area Friday afternoon to ensure residents’ safety. However, just a few hours later, the animal grabbed the young girl. After the attack, law enforcement officials collected saliva samples from her clothing. This is in an effort to identify the coyote responsible so it can be located and euthanized, Foy said. Furthermore, in the event that the coyote returns or other animals begin to show up, personnel with tranquilizer guns will patrol the area.

Foy stated that coyotes, which are usually scared of humans, mainly come into neighborhoods to look for food. He advised people not to give food to coyotes. He also said not to feed pets outside as it can bring in both coyotes and the rodents they eat.