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Video Shows Two Coyotes Laying in Wait Before Attacking Chihuahua in Family Backyard

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Two coyotes stalked a pair of Chihuahuas in a California backyard, proceeding to pounce on the helpless dogs and kill them. The unprovoked attack was caught on a surveillance camera.

The video shows the coyotes chasing the two dogs, named Salem and Gizmo, across the yard. They ended up killing the Chihuahuas in the Granada Hills backyard on Sunday.

In the graphic footage, you can see one of the coyotes holding the dog’s body in its mouth.

The family’s surviving dog, Ella, got away from the coyotes. However, she was bitten by the animals and suffered a severe puncture wound. She still seems shocked by the incident.

The owners of the dogs, Tamara and Doug Wynn, are devastated after the attack. In an interview with local outlet KTLA News, Doug pointed to the exact location of the attack. “It happened right here …and it happened so fast.”

Footage of the attack can be seen below. In the graphic video, the two coyotes can be seen shaking the dogs. As the KTLA ends their live report from the house, they include that they spotted a coyote lurking around the house that afternoon. This definitely supports the idea that the animals had been staking out the area and waited for the right time to pounce.

The Wynns were notified of the attack as it was happening. Their daughter began screaming during the ordeal. Tamara later said that her daughter “didn’t see anything. They were just hiding in wait,” she said.

Coyotes Sightings Have Increased, But Officials Say Attacks Still Rare

For his part, Doug Wynn seemed perplexed at how the coyotes could scale the large six-foot fence that guards their property.

“I think they were stalking them and figured out these animals are out there this time every day,” Doug said, according to the outlet.

The Wynn family said they’ve seen coyotes running around before. They reported that sightings have become more common in their area of Granada Hills, which is a suburb in the San Fernando region of Los Angeles.

This deadly attack follows a coyote attack in Woodland Hills last weekend. That attack that injured a toddler. Eventually, the coyote was tracked and put down.

Sightings have gone up throughout the Los Angeles area. However, California Fish and Wildlife say the attacks still remain a rarity.

Tamara cautioned other pet owners in the area. “Even if you look, you have to go out there, make sure that there aren’t anything hiding before you let your dogs out,” KTLA News reported. 

Her husband chimed in, reechoing that sentiment. “We’d like to let people know that it can happen to you.”

The family now plans to reach out to California Fish and Wildlife in hopes that these coyotes can be tracked down and captured.