Voyageurs National Park Archeology Crew Uncover Lost Wedding Ring, Looking for Owner

by Tia Bailey

The archeology crew at Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota made an interesting discovery. They are currently looking for the owner of a recovered lost wedding ring.

The wedding band was found north of Dove Island, near the Canadian border. The exact coordinates they provided are 48°35’52.0″N 93°09’48.6″W.

The team is requesting that if anyone thinks it is theirs, to call the supervisor’s office at 218-626-4300 and describe it. 

Voyageurs National Park Shares Warning About Wolves’ Behavior

The Voyageurs Wolf Project shared a message with Voyageurs National Park visitors. They request people to keep an eye out for a wolf “exhibiting strange behavior.”

They shared a post on Facebook describing the situation.

“Heads up: this young wolf has been observed repeatedly—including two observations by folks on our project— over the past few days along the roads near Ash River just south of Voyageurs National Park. The wolf is displaying little-to-no fear of people, and some folks have tried to scare it off the road with little success,” they wrote.

They then added: “The wolf is not acting aggressively toward people or anything like that. However, its indifference toward people over a several-day period is not normal behavior. If you see the wolf, do not approach it, attempt to feed it, or anything else like that. Just let it be a wolf.”

The project then went on to describe what other strange behaviors the wolf has been exhibiting. It was seen chasing and eating grasshoppers along the road.

In the comments, many suggested that the wolf is actually a coyote. A commenter pointed that out, writing: “Many people are telling others it’s just a coyote on news stories. Thank you for doing what you do and having the knowledge to back it up.”

The project then included a comment under their own post, clarifying: “And just to clarify: this is not a coyote despite the many comments from people who are convinced it is.” They explained that the animal has “many physical traits that make it easy to ID it as a wolf.”

A few commenters shared photos of their experience with the wolf and included details for The Voyageurs Wolf Project to know.

Minnesota Park Great Place to See Northern Lights

Wolves and lost wedding rings aside, the park is also great for those who want to catch the Northern Lights. The park is very far north, and the skies are dark without any man-made light obstructing your vision.

Visitors can go to the park at any time to see the beautiful event in the sky, although winter is apparently better because the skies are “darker for longer.”

Seeing the Northern Lights is on many people’s bucket list, and if you’re near Voyageurs National Park, it’s easier to see than you think.