Wandering Deer Bursts Through Window of New York Nursing Home

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Vicki Jauron, Babylon and Beyond Photography)

It was a wild time at one New York nursing home recently when a wayward deer came crashing through the parking lot, eventually finding its way inside by busting through one of the nursing home’s windows. Thankfully, no injuries to the nursing home’s residents or staff have been reported. The only marked damage remains on the objects within the home.

Residents at the New York nursing home were shocked recently when a deer ran through the home’s parking lot, unsure of its surroundings. The wandering deer eventually found itself to be very confused inside the residence after it crashed through a large window.

According to the reports, the deer wasn’t done busing out windows when it found itself inside the nursing home. After about 10 minutes inside the facility, the authorities were on the scene to try and help the unexpected visitor back outside. However, this deer wasn’t about to leave the same way it entered the building, running through another window area on its way out.

The Johnstown police officers responded to the scene as were the responders with the Fulton County Emergency Management. Both groups of officials were on the scene just minutes before the animal ran off – through the second window.

The Nursing Home Staff Was Able To Confine The Unexpected Visitor

The staff at the Johnstown nursing home moved quickly after the deer burst through the window. They were able to confine the deer to one area in the facility. This prevented even more damage.

It also helped to avoid any possible injuries that may have resulted from the deer’s entrance into the home. The facility is back up and running – however, evidence of the deer’s visit remained as the animal’s points of entry and exit were quickly boarded up.

A Buck With Huge Antlers Finds Its Way Under A Gate – Against All Odds

A hilarious video recently popped up on Instagram featuring a dedicated buck making its way under a gate. The accomplishment wasn’t an easy one for the animal as its huge antlers made this move anything but easy!

The mule deer shows off some impressive athletic ability as it limbos its way beneath the gate’s lowest bar. As the video starts, we see the buck as it crouches down, almost as if to inspect the gate. It’s a plan that seems like it would be impossible, however, this mule deer decides it will be able to pass below the gate’s bar.

The animal tucks one side of his huge rack underneath the gate then moves his head in the same direction. At this point, all the animal must do is bring the other side of his antlers through. Once the antlers are cleared, the deer is then able to move his body forward…effortlessly emerging on the other side.