Washington Wolves Put Down Following Multiple Livestock Attacks

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has released news that a pair of wolves have been euthanized. This news comes following multiple attacks on area cattle. According to Washington officials commenting on the story, the two wolves were killed in the northeast region of the state.

The Washington Department Of Fish And Wildlife Authorizes Lethal Removal

Earlier this month, WDFW director Kelly Susewind announced the authorization for the lethal removal of the two wild animals. These two wolves were removed from the area known for being the primary Leadpoint pack territory.

This authorization comes in response to repeated attacks on cattle located on private grazing land in Washington’s Stevens County. This move, officials say, is consistent with the state’s guidelines per the Wolf Conservation and Management Plan.

Officials Have Been Alerted To Five Wolf Attacks On Area Cattle

According to the WDFW officials took reports regarding five incidents of cattle depredation in the last few weeks. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) defines depredation as any death or injury of livestock caused by a carnivore. According to the reports these incidents all occurred on or after August 22 of this year. Three of the instances resulted in three dead cattle. Two of the five depredation instances resulted in injuries to the cattle.

Officials note that with the successful “lethal disposal” of these two grey wolves the order has now expired. However, this could change if the WDFW gets further reports of livestock depredations. However, any changes along this line will continue to adhere to the Wolf Plan as well as the wolf-livestock interaction protocol.

“If WDFW documents additional livestock depredations indicating a renewed pattern of depredation, WDFW may initiate another lethal removal action,” officials note.

Montana Man Runs Across Yard In His “Skivvies” To Stop Wolves Attacking His Goats

Recently, one Montana man got candid with The Western News recounting an encounter as he caught two wolves attacking his goats. He was quick in his action, grabbing a nearby shotgun and firing at the wild animals, killing both of the attackers.

“I had never had an encounter with wolves before this,” the man relates. “And I’ve spent a lot of time hunting deer and elk here and in northern Idaho.”

The family learned earlier that there was a predator nearby when they discovered pet rabbits that had been killed…but not eaten. The first thought went to a coyote or a feral dog. However, they would soon learn the culprit was a different type of animal. The next morning the family heard their goats screening as the wolf attacked. The man sprang into action grabbing his son’s deer rifle and running “across the yard in my skivvies,” the man explains. Thankfully the goats survived the attack, however, there were a few injuries.

“I’m glad they didn’t get disemboweled or have an artery torn,” the mat relates. “It would have been much different.”