Washington Woman Spotted Struggling in River by Nearby Dive Rescue Trainees

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Cappi Thompson/Getty Images)

A rescue team was attending dive training in a Washington river when they spotted a woman struggling in the water nearby. The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Operations Team and Boise and Seattle fire department first responders were attending the dive training at Spokane River around 11 am on Oct. 12.

The woman was struggling in the water near Boulder Beach, according to a report from the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, per The State. One first responder noticed her distress from the shoreline. Two deputies and a volunteer dive team member rushed to her location in the middle of the river. According to authorities, a nearby boater also came to the rescue.

Authorities report that when the first responders arrived at her location, the woman seemed tired and her face was underwater. Allegedly, she also refused to put on a life vest. She was brought to shore and taken to a nearby hospital for further assessment. Authorities reported that she seemed to be having a “mental health crisis,” in their own words. No update has been provided on the woman’s current condition, so it is unknown if that statement is factual.

A Hiker’s Smartphone Aided in His Rescue After He Was Lost In Oregon Wilderness

In other miraculous rescue news, an app on a hiker’s smartphone partially helped him get rescued after he found himself lost overnight in the Oregon wilderness. On Monday, Oct. 10, Deschutes County Search and Rescue learned of a missing hiker in Oregon’s backcountry.

It’s important to note that hikers shouldn’t rely only on a smartphone to get them through the trails. You never know when you’re going to lose signal. But, in this case, the hiker’s smartphone, along with some assistance from a friend, helped save his life.

Before starting his hike, the man shared his location with a friend. Then, when the hiker didn’t come back from his excursion at the appointed time, the friend shared the hiker’s location with the rescue team. They were able to see that the 55-year-old hiker from Bend, Oregon, had parked his car at the Tumalo Falls Trailhead in Deschutes National Forest.

Man Found Heading Out of National Forest After Sheltering in Place Overnight

From there, the Deschutes Search and Rescue Foundation dispatched rescuers to search along that trail for the man. Volunteers and deputies fanned out along the few trails in Deschutes National Forest. “Searchers checked multiple trails on foot throughout the night and into the following day,” the Deschutes Search and Rescue Foundation wrote on Facebook. “Searchers were showing other hikers in the area a picture of the missing male and asking people to call if they saw the male.”

The man was located at around 11:10 the next morning, when another hiker happened upon him. The man was already heading back to his car at the trailhead. “Searchers responded to the area and contacted the missing hiker, who confirmed that he had lost his way as it got dark, so he sheltered in place over night and then began walking out the following morning,” Deschutes SAR shared. “The male was escorted back to his vehicle in the parking lot.”