WATCH: Boat Erupts in Flames, Billows Smoke on Lake Lanier

by Amy Myers

The curse of Lake Lanier in Georgia continues as yet another boat falls victim to the seemingly friendly waters. Earlier today, local fire crews responded to a fire that began on a vessel near one of the docks.

By the time the crews arrived, there wasn’t much they could do to save the actual boat. While the fire smoldered on the bridge of the small craft, smoke plumes filled the sky in billowing black clouds.

“Upon arrival, the boat was fully engulfed, emitting black smoke in the no wake zone near dock M,” said Hall County Fire Rescue Public Information Officer Kimberlie Ledsinger. “The vessel was approximately 100 feet from the shore when Hall County Fire Rescue arrived.”

Thankfully, though, the passengers were able to jump ship and swim to safety before the flames got out of control. Two people sustained injuries from the incident and are currently receiving treatment for minor burns and lacerations.

Soon after, crews put an end to the flames, and the usual summer activities resumed at Lake Lanier.

“Commercial Fire at Lanier Islands Parkway Marine 1 was able to extinguish the bulk of the fire around 1:00pm, using a floating pump, allowing the boat to be brought closer to shore,” authorities said.

The Dark Truth Behind the Lake Lanier Myth

How Lake Lanier hasn’t had its own horror movie franchise is a mystery in itself. Notorious as it is beautiful, the lake has an unusually high number of boating accidents, fires, drownings, and even a few instances in which cars suddenly slid into the waters with no obvious cause. Not surprisingly, this has elicited quite a few theories from locals about the haunted nature of the lake.

According to Southern Gothic, since 1965, Lake Lanier has had 675 deaths, and many of them have mysterious causes. To this day, the most infamous death that happened in these waters is that of Delia Mae Parker Young and Susie Roberts in 1958. Somehow, Young and Roberts lost control of their car and crashed into the water. Divers searched for Young, Roberts, and their 1954 Ford but found no sign of either women or the vehicle. Thirty years later, the car was dredged from the depths of the water with human remains still behind the wheel.

It’s a tragic story that was the catalyst for decades of mysterious deaths and late-night stories about the lake. At 26 miles long, Lake Lanier is the largest in Georgia, with depths reaching 211 feet at some parts. With lots of debris lingering below the surface, it can be a dangerous concoction for even the strongest swimmers and most experienced boat captains.

Thankfully, the latest boat fire didn’t result in any fatalities, but Georgia natives couldn’t help but jokingly blame the Lake Lanier curse for the incident.

“Lake Lanier needs a @JordanPeele movie. The material damn near writes itself at this point,” one person wrote in response to the video.

A hesitant traveler agreed, “As a person from up north these stories amaze me every time. I KNOW not to go there.”