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WATCH: California Kayakers Rescued by Helicopter After Being Swept Out to Sea

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ Oksana Drobotun)

A wild video has gone viral as brave California first responders rescue a group of kayakers, including two children. The rescue comes after the water vessel sailed out into the California sea near Tomales Bay after encountering rough conditions. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s office stepped in to help with the brave rescue, providing the rescue helicopter to the area officials.

A trip outdoors turned dangerous recently when four kayakers, including two children, found themselves swept out to sea in Marin County on Saturday, November 26. Responding to the emergency were Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputies as well as Marin County officials. According to the reports, bystanders witnessed the event as the kayaks continued to drift further out to sea. The witnesses lept into action, reporting the emergency to area officials.

The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office Lends Rescue Helicopter To Help Rescue Kayakers

The Sonoma Sheriff’s Office provided their rescue helicopter to help bring the kayakers to safety. Something the Sonoma County Sheriff’s department officials often do when rescues such as this one are necessary. It is a common practice in the area, reports note.

In a recent Facebook post, the Marin County Fire Department (MCFD) shares the dramatic rescue. Noting that the aircrew immediately set out into the air. Beginning the search for the kayakers when the call came in.

“This afternoon, the Marin County Fire Department (MCFD) requested the Sheriff’s Helicopter “Henry-1” for assistance with a water rescue near the mouth of Tomales Bay,” the recent Facebook post relates.

“Additionally, it was reported that a bystander was watching two kayaks being swept out to sea in rough surf,” the report continues. The message goes on to explain that due to Sonoma County’s “proximity to Tomales Bay,” the “H1” provides aid. The post adds that there are dangerous sea conditions that exist “in and around” the area. Making these efforts even more necessary.

First Responders Located The Stranded Kayakers, Loading Them Up In The Rescue Helicopter

According to the Facebook post, the H1 aircrew located the two adults and two children a short time after taking to the air. At this point, the group became “stranded on the west shore of Tomales Bay.”

The report continues noting that the location of the stranded kayakers was too rough and too remote for a boat rescue. As a result, the group was loaded onto the rescue helicopter.

“Due to the remoteness of the location, and rough seas, the kayakers were internally loaded into H1,” the Facebook post reports. The group was then “flown to safety in the Lawson’s Landing area.”