WATCH: Dive Team Footage Reveals Moment Kiely Rodni’s Remains Were Discovered

by Amy Myers

New developments have surfaced from the case of Kiely Rodni’s disappearance, and the most recent footage reveals the moment that the dive team found the 16-year-old’s remains.

The dive team behind the discovery is a volunteer group named Adventures with Purpose, which specializes in finding missing persons and crucial evidence underwater. Throughout their process, the team documents their moves, including the moments that the diver spends underwater. This time, the Oregon-based search team managed to find a Honda CR-V, the exact model belonging to Kiely Rodni, in Prosser Lake using sonar.

Upon further investigation, the diver confirmed that the license plate was, indeed, the 16-year-old girl’s. Sadly, after checking the upside-down windows, the team quickly discovered that Rodni’s remains, too, were still underwater.

All the while, Adventures with Purpose diver Nick Rinn remained in constant contact with fellow team member Doug Bishop, who manned the boat.

“I see a pair of shoes in the back … I have just confirmed there are human remains in the vehicle,” Rinn said over his radio headset to Bishop on August 21. “The passenger window is broken out, it appears. Rear driver side window is halfway down.”

Kiely Rodni had just graduated with honors and was attending a graduation bash on August 6. She disappeared from the group of 300 from the Prosser Family Campground in Truckee, California.

Search Team Diver Says Conditions of Kiely Rodni’s Remains Were ‘Suspicious’

When the diver went to search the vehicle or Kiely Rodni, he started with the driver’s window. At first, he couldn’t confirm whether there were any human remains. As he made his way to the back windows, though, it became clear that the 16-year-old was there. Because of Rodni’s position and the partially open window, Rinn believed something was odd about the conditions of the teen’s death.

“She’s in the back of the vehicle. She’s not in the driver’s seat. It looks suspicious to me,” he said. “Vehicle is upside down. One window is halfway down. One window is all the way down. Call the authorities.”

First, though, the team called the family of Kiely Rodni, who were unsurprisingly gracious of the discovery. They caught the exchange between Bishop and Rodni’s father, Daniel, on film, as well.

“How in the f–k could they have missed it,” said Rodni’s father, referring to local law enforcement. “That’s f–king impossible. Thank you, Doug.”

Following the search team’s discovery, an autopsy confirmed that the remains belonged to Kiely Rodni. Once clear it was her, the family released a statement of gratitude to all those who helped in the search for their daughter.

“We have weathered a storm of unfathomable force, and it is purely thanks to the army of warriors, matriarchs, healers and helpers holding us up that we continue to stand today,” they said.