WATCH: Emergency Crew Rescues Two Men From Washington Plane Crash Near Lake

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Lucas Bäuml/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Footage of a daring helicopter rescue shows onboard crews aiding two men after a Washington plane crash. Take a peek at the nerve-wracking video below.

According to KGMI, the two men involved in the plane crash were found safely. Rescue crews arrived after the duo’s small plane went down in Skagit County.

Per the outlet, the passengers went missing around 8 p.m. on Sunday, September 25th. Reports of the missing passengers came after their flight, which departed from Concrete, never arrived at its destination in Arlington.

Though the men went missing Sunday, authorities could not find the site of the crash until Monday, around 9:30 pm. The craft landed near Lake Cavanaugh.

As of now, the cause of the crash remains unknown though an investigation ensues. While significant winds made the rescue a bit dicey, rescuers were able to safely haul both of the plane crash victims up into the helicopter, both of whom appeared to be in one piece after their terrifying ordeal.

Viewers, after watching the video, expressed relief at seeing both men safe on the helicopter, and thanked the involved rescue crew for what they do.

“Thank you for your update and your service,” one viewer commented on the post, adding a handful of praying hands emojis. A second said, “Excellent work! Thank you for sharing this visual of the rescue!”

Georgia Plane Crash Ends Tragically, with Craft Submerged 120 Feet Underwater

We’re relieved to have visual confirmation that the two passengers involved in the Washington plane crash over the weekend made it through the ordeal alive and well. However, sadly, on the United States Gulf coast, a different plane crash ended much more tragically.

The involved pilot, as yet unidentified, had been flying a relatively small six-seat, two-engine Beech 55 aircraft having departed from Punta Gorda, Florida. The pilot had plans to land at an airport in South Carolina, but before they could safely arrive, the plane went soaring into the deepest part of Lake Hartwell, located on the SC border.

Per reports, the plane crash—and the speed at which it hit the water—was so intense that it became entangled in a mass of tree branches, stuck 120 feet beneath the lake’s surface.

The plane crash was already tragic given the circumstances, however, a report from the National Transportation Safety Board throws another kink in officials’ investigation. Apparently, before the plane began its involuntary descent into the water, the pilot had activated the craft’s IFR flight plan. This, essentially, means they put the craft on autopilot before the crash actually occurred.

Unfortunately for the plane crash victim’s family, they likely won’t get confirmation about their death any time soon. Per a statement from Hart County Sheriff Mike Cleveland, the aircraft practically remains trapped beneath the water.

“It just so happened [the plane’s] in one of the deepest parts of the lake,” he said. “The plane is in the trees. I’ve been told the plane flipped over. The top is on the bottom. The doors to the plane are jammed, so we’re not able to retrieve the body out of the plane.”

With so many complications, recovery certainly proved difficult.