WATCH: Fleet of UFO ‘Orbs’ Captured on Camera Over Sacramento

by Tia Bailey
stock photo

A fleet of UFO orbs was spotted over Sacramento. The UFOs were captured on camera, and the video has people wigged out.

UFOs, also known as unidentified flying objects, are often associated with aliens. A video was shared to the YouTube page UFO Sightings Daily with the title “Orb Fleet Over Sacramento, California Sept 30, 2022, UFO Sighting News.”

The description of the video reads: “Eyewitness states: Sept 30th 2022 1010 pm Sacramento California Driving Mid 70s weather First headed towards the freeway, than hovered for a bit than traveling east. Full sighting lasted about 3 or 4 mins Video taped about half way through.. Couldn’t pull over on semi busy highway 80 Sound was not applicable due to driving and wind Crazy ufo sighting about 20 mins ag0. around 10:10pm, first it was two lights..perfectly spaced between each other.”

They then gave more detail about the night, sharing he was heading to west Sacramento.

The video shows several lit-up objects in the sky. It is definitely an eerie video, and it doesn’t look like a plane or helicopter.

UFO expert Scott Waring spoke about the video.

“This eyewitness was driving along the freeway when then noticed three UFOs which broke into four and flew along side the freeway for about 20 minutes,” Waring said. “The driver wanted to stop, but said there was no place safe to pull alongside. California and aliens…we all knew they lived there.”

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Some commenters on the YouTube video offered possible explanations. One person said: “Sadly, with the advent of drones, most nighttime sightings are now even harder to classify as “not normal human craft” unless they exhibit unnatural speed, and perhaps combined with extreme maneuverability. Hopefully, at some point phone cameras will come equipped with standard infrared capabilities. We need to see what is beyond the glare of these points of light in the night sky.”

However, Waring shared a rebuttal to people who said they may be drones.

“Drones? Well, if these are drones these are very big drones,” he said. “I gotta say they look pretty huge and we’re not seeing nav lights. Now some people argue the fact that drones have nav lights but we’re not seeing any here anyway.”

Another video taken in Fort Worth, Texas also shows a UFO. The video was shared on TikTok, and has been gaining traction.

The TikTok showed a huge line of lights up in the sky. It looks like something out of a movie. Many people in the area who also witnessed this shared that they thought they were seeing things. However, the comments revealed that it is most likely Elon Musk’s satellites. Regardless, it is still a very creepy sight to see in the sky.