WATCH: Florida Anglers Impress Dock Crowd With Massive Grouper

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Carlos Bezz)

A group of onlookers was stunned by an impressive catch that was ultimately displayed on a Florida fishing dock last weekend. Two Florida anglers landed a very rare prize during a recent fishing competition, snagging a giant Warsaw grouper. This massive fish tops out weight-wise at nearly 350 pounds. The proud anglers also note that the fish’s “gutted” weight falls just below 334 pounds.

A Massive Grouper Stuns Florida Crowd During Fishing Competition

This impressive Warsaw grouper was reeled in by angler Garrett Thornton along with Captain Kyle Lowe while the duo was onboard the Special K. The 333.8-pounder is the second-largest Warsaw grouper landed within the Destin Fishing Rodeo’s 74-year-long run.

“It took 30 minutes to get him to the top,” Kyle Low tells a local Destin newspaper.

“It took all five of us,” the captain recalls.

Angler Notices The Massive Grouper Had Been Hanging Around The Area For Some Time

Kyle Lowe recalls how he had been keeping an eye on the giant grouper in offshore waters for a few months before making the stunning catch. In August the captain noticed this giant fish attacking snowy grouper during other fishing expeditions. Lowe had made a promise to Thornton earlier that he would be taking the angler out to this area with tackle designed for such a huge catch during the fishing rodeo event. And, Lowe did not skimp on this promise!

“We dropped one rod, one bait,” the captain recalls of the fishing expedition.

“I thought we were going to have to smoke out the bite,” Lowe says. “But he bit within 15 seconds.”

Lowe adds that he knew this grouper was “going to be a good one.” However, the fishing expert notes, he had no idea that the grouper would be as big as it was.

Florida Anglers Celebrates The Impressive Catch With A One-Of-A-Kind Piece Of Art!

On the Charter Boat Special K Facebook page, we can see quite a few posts reflecting the excitement surrounding this amazing catch. One of the posts even shows a local artist painting a portrait of the 350-pound fish shortly after the angler was brought to shore.

“349.9 LB Warsaw Grouper this afternoon off the Special K,” the Facebook post reads. The caption notes that the artist was commissioned to paint the catch. However, this artist had no idea the fish was going to be a “jurassic specimen!” the message quips.

“I’ve painted under pressure a lot but that was a whirlwind on the docks and I only had enough canvas for one shot at it!” the artist adds.

“I gotta say I’m pretty friggin happy how it turned out!” the caption continues. “Thank you, Cpt. Kyle Lowe for the honors.”

The record for the largest Warsaw grouper caught in this regular fishing rodeo is 358.8 pounds. The world record for this type of fish is 436 pounds, 12 ounces.