WATCH: Grandmother Rescued From Kentucky Floods By Good Samaritan and Airlifted To Safety

by Emily Morgan

A good Samaritan has saved an elderly woman from the devastating Kentucky floods, which has left at least 35 people dead.

In recent footage, viewers can see the harrowing rescues in which a fellow Kentuckian saved a 98-year-old and her family. They were trapped inside their home after the raging floodwaters kept them from escaping.

Missy Crovetti said her grandmother Mae Amburgey, uncle Larry Amburgey and her brother Gregory Amburgey were in the home in Whitesburg, Kentucky, as it completely flooded, leaving them unable to get out of their house.

Meanwhile, as local resident Randy Polly went to get fuel on Thursday morning, he came across floodwaters, which left him stranded not far from the woman’s home.

Polly captured the moment when a hero saved Mae and her family from the rising waters. As you can see in his video, the man swam over to the house and started banging on the door and window before entering. Once inside, he helped get the family out of the flooded home. Polly watched nearby and could hear people shouting for help

The rescue took around half an hour. Later, the three relatives were said to be unharmed and doing well, according to Crovetti. Since the rescue, Crovetti started a fundraiser for victims of the flood.

Later that weekend, search and rescue teams saved a family of five who were trapped in their attic.

Kentuckians coming together in times of turmoil as flooding devastates the state

A rescue team on a raft broke a window and brought them up to the roof of the house. A helicopter standing by then airlifted the family out of harm’s way.

The helicopter’s downdraft sends water spraying in footage taken from the rescue crew’s raft. It also shows trees swaying amidst the brown floodwaters coming close to the roofs of the surrounding houses.

“Although team members had moved to a safe distance during the hoist, you can still witness the power of the rotator wash and its impact on the team’s ability to maintain position,” the rescue team wrote.

The rescue of the 83-year-old woman was also caught on camera. Viewers can see her clinging to the pulley as she was hoisted into the helicopter.

“Teams coming together to save lives. We would also like to thank the other countless agencies from across the state and beyond that came in to assist,” Wolfe County Search & Rescue wrote.

Since the flooding began, the Kentucky National Guard has conducted nearly 1300 rescues by boat and air.

A week later, the state is still searching for survivors of the historic flooding. In addition, more rescues may be needed, according to Governor Andy Beshear. He has warned that continued rain is expected in the area in the coming days.