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WATCH: Historic WWII Structure Slides off California Cliff Following Intense Rain, Flooding

by Emily Morgan
WWII Structure Slides Off Cliff Following Rain Flooding
Photo by: Ian.CuiYi

A massive military structure dating back to WWII slid down a sandy cliff and onto a San Francisco beach after heavy rain and flooding saturated the area.

The incident occurred at the city’s Fort Funston, a city park that features soaring oceanside cliffs of 200 feet. The incident is just the latest in an ongoing series of mudslides and landslides that have popped up across the Golden State after mother nature pounded it with torrential rainfall and flooding at the start of 2023.

On Monday, officials with the Golden Gate National Recreation Area reported the incident and also shared a photo of it on their official Twitter account.

“Beachcombers at Fort Funston will share the beach today with a WWII military structure undermined when saturated bluff sand slid onto the beach,” they wrote in the tweet.

They added: “Coastal agencies encourage visitors to exercise caution around post-storm saturated hillsides and coastal bluffs as they enjoy sunny days after weeks indoors.”

Later, a San Francisco Fire Department spokesperson told news outlets that the building is a former battery bunker from the WWII era. In addition, aerial footage from the city’s local news network showed the structure after it slid down the steep cliff, sitting at the bottom of a sand slide.

Barrage of flooding leaves California drenched as storms move out of the state

Since late December, residents in California have been obliterated by a barrage of storms that stemmed from atmospheric rivers, which are long, narrow streams of water vapor that migrate from the tropics. They can carry as much water as the typical water flow at the mouth of the Mississippi River.

The unprecedented rainfall and floods sadly resulted in 19 people losing their lives. In addition, the state is still dealing with road closures and damage, ongoing evacuations, loss of power, sinkholes, mudslides, and landslides all over the state.

However, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Forecasters predict the storms will finally move out of the area by the end of the week.

Despite this, officials are still working round the clock to clean up the mess leftover by the onslaught of storms. In addition, a five-year-old boy is still missing after raging floodwaters swept him from a vehicle. At the time, his mother watched helplessly as she clung to a tree. Moreover, the deluge of rain also didn’t end the ongoing megadrought plaguing the state. Climate experts and researchers believe extreme weather phenomena such as droughts and flooding will only get more intense as worldwide temperatures continue to soar.