WATCH: Pet Python Saves Owner From Attempted Robbery

by Taylor Cunningham
No Release Required.

A pet ball python is credited for saving a young woman’s life after two men attempted to steal the animal at gunpoint.

Ariel Giron told KPRC 2 in Houston that she was attacked while trying to sell her snake, Chompers, on the southeast side of the city.

The Incident happened after she listed Chompers for sale on OfferUp last month for $200. Giron said that a woman contacted her about buying the snake, and they agreed to meet in an apartment complex parking lot on Oct. 2.

When Giron arrived, two children walked out to talk to her, and one had a few dollars in his hand. The other child told Giron that they would send the rest of the money. However, she never agreed to that plan.

“She asked me to remove him out of what he was in, and I was like, ‘Ok, that’s weird, maybe you want to touch him, maybe you want to just make sure he’s friendly,’” Giron said.

When Giron turned around to take the python out of its cage, two men approached her from behind. One man held a gun to her temple and demanded that she hand over the snake.

“Whenever I told him no, he was very stunned,” she shared.

Python Reacted and Sent the Attackers Running

The Houston Police Department released footage that shows one of the men jumping back before both flee the scene. Giron said that he reacted because Chompers showed some attitude.

“I’m guessing he was scared of the snake,” she said. “The snake kind of went by him and he jumped back.”

Earlier this week, police arrested one of the men and charged him with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. Court documents show that the 17-year-old had been involved in other violent crimes over the past month. As of late last week, the other man still hadn’t been caught.

Giron believes the attempted robbery was a setup, and she credits the python for saving her life. When the criminals panicked, it gave her a chance to throw Chompers to a friend who was sitting in the front seat of her truck and drive away.

After the attack, Chompers hasn’t been the same. So Giron decided not to sell him after all.

“Now I guess he’s staying with me,” she said, laughing.

Giron said she learned a lesson in all of this. From now on, if she decides to buy or sell online, she’ll only meet the other person in a secure location. And she hopes her experience will save other people from making the same mistake as her.