WATCH: San Bernardino Police Rescue Family of Three From Insane Flash Flooding

by Alex Falls

Dramatic footage shows a mother and her two children being rescued by police during major flash flooding in southern California. Police officers rescued all three people who were nearly swept away in raging flood waters that ripped through parts of the state on Monday.

Torrential rains pounded southern California as remnants of Tropical Storm Kay lingered. The mother had called the police about an unrelated problem on Monday afternoon. As the family walked back to their car, flash flood waters came roaring through the street like a river and nearly took the mother and her two kids with it.

The situation was captured on dashcam footage from police on the scene. Three of their officers rescued the mother who lost balance while trying to cross the rapid waters. The officers then assisted the two children who had become stranded on the other side of the rushing water. No injuries were reported in the incident.

The family’s father responded to the San Bernadino Police Department tweet with a heartfelt thank you. “Hurray to the SBPD heroes that saved our family from the flash flood on Waterman! You guys are truly heroes! Thank you SBPD!”

The Effects of Tropical Storm Kay Rage Through California

Throughout San Bernardino County, flash flood waters rolled through causing widespread damage. The Forest Falls area was particularly affected. In addition to severe damage throughout the region, there is still one missing person yet to be found. More than 120 search and rescue team members are looking through the area for the missing resident. The clean-up process also begins as the flood waters recede.

The aftermath of Tropical Storm Kay brought huge damage throughout southern California. In Los Angeles, dozens of residents had to be rescued after mudslides rocked the area.

The National Weather Service reported that heavy rainfall caused 0.47 inches of accumulation in just 15 minutes at Lake Los Angeles. The most significant mudslide occurred along Lake Hughes Road, and fortunately, there were no injuries reported. 

On Sunday, the Los Angeles County Fire Department responded to a call for multiple cars stuck in a mudslide in Lake Hughes on Pine Canyon Road outside Los Angeles. The responding crews were able successfully hoist the people out of the cars to safety.

Kay’s remnants have since moved on into the Intermountain West. Flash flooding was possible Wednesday, but drier weather had returned to Southern California.