WATCH: Texas Police Wrangle 10-Foot Gator Strolling Through Neighborhood

by Samantha Whidden

Kicking off the week with some excitement, Texas law enforcement was recorded wrangling a 10-foot-long gator that was found strolling through a Cinco Ranch neighborhood.

In a video posted on Facebook, the large gator was seen walking along a brick wall when local authorities made first contact with it. This occurred around 9 a.m. on Monday. By 11:30, it was revealed that the reptile was safely caught and was being relocated. In a snapshot, the creature was seen hiding its head in a truck. “He’s a little embarrassed with all the attention out there!” law enforcement shared. “He is being safely relocated.” 

Michael Schwab, a witness of the situation, revealed another video to 13ABC that showed the gator was being lifted off the ground using a tow truck. “People stopped their cars on the road to get out and watch the sight,” Schwab shared. 

Although others found the scene to be unusual, the gator was notably found near Buffalo Bayou, which to residents wasn’t surprising. One resident, Isaac Veras, told the media outlet, “it’s just part of the environment. That’s their home.” 

Meanwhile, there’s been numerous gator sightings. It was noted that two Missouri City residents discovered large reptiles just hanging out on their porches. A gator was also wrangled single-handly by a local restaurant owner. This was after he dropped his children at school. 

Houston Rowers Wonder What’s Causing Recent Gator Attacks At Nearby Lake

As previously reported, Texan gators reportedly attacked two different boats in the Oyster Creek area over the past couple of weeks. 

Dee Connors, who is the president of the Greater Houston Rowing Club, revealed that a rower named Eugene Janssen was out on the water when he accidentally hit a gator with one of his oars. Things became intense when the reptile came up from underneath the rower and chomped the side of the boat. “It was pretty insane,” Connors shared. “But he was able to stay in the boat [even] though [it] was sinking.”

Connors stated this is the first aggressive behavior by gators she and the rowing organization has seen in 30 years. The organization notably hired a trapper and capture one of the large reptiles. However, another attack occurred days later. 

Another rower stated that he encountered a five-foot-long gator. The reptile struck the bottom of his boat and bit into it. He was out on the water one morning when the incident happened. “I was lucky. Something like that can flip you off the boat, which can be a difficult experience when there’s an aggressive alligator in the water.”

In response to the second incident, the Greater Houston Rowing Club has hired a second trapper. The organization also warns rowers to take extra precautions while on the water.