West Virginia Authorities Investigating People Accused of Illegally Killing 8 Deer

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Ernst Haas/Ernst Haas/Getty Images)

West Virginia authorities are reportedly conducting an investigation after two people were accused of illegally killing eight deer.

The West Virginia Natural Resources Police announced late last week that its latest investigation resulted in multiple charges for two people that illegally killed eight deer in southern Wood County. The duo allegedly shot three bucks and five does from a vehicle at night. They are now facing more than 20 charges. 

“During the first week of August 2022 Natural Resources Police Officer Cremeans received a complaint of spotlighting deer in southern Wood County,” the authorities shared. “A good samaritan had obtained a license plate of the suspected vehicle that was believed to be poaching the deer in the area.”

Officers Cremeans and McLaughlin began an investigation into the illegal killing of the deer. Ultimately two suspects were discovered. “All eight of the deer killed were wasted and no meat was harvested in this case. Over twenty charges were filed on the two suspects and are currently pending in Wood County Magistrate Court.”

The illegal killing of the deer reaffirmed the authorities’ push to remind the public to report violations in their areas. “You can call your district office, submit an online tip on our website, or just message us on Facebook. This investigation would not have been possible without the public’s help.”

Person Faced Thousands of Dollars in Replacement Costs After Illegally Killing a Deer During Charleston’s Urban Deer Hunt

The latest investigation occurred less than a month after a person faced thousands of dollars in replacement costs after they illegally killed a deer during Charleston’s urban deer hunt. 

The West Virginia Resource Police announced that on September 7th, Officer Holloran and Sgt. Chattin received a complaint about the illegal killing of a deer in the city of Charleston’s urban deer hunt. The information was contacted from multiple Facebook posts. 

It was revealed, “After further investigation, Officer Holloran cited the individual with four violations, including Hunting While Revoked. The deer’s inside spread measures at 18” wide, resulting in a replacement costs of $7500.”

The city of Charleston’s urban deer hunt opened on September 5th and runs through December 31st. It will also run from January 9th to the 31st for an extended season. The city had accepted hunter applications between July 1st and August 12th. It was reported that crossbow hunting is now permitted during the Urban Deer Hunt per Section 10-171 of the Municipal Code. It falls under the same rules and regulations as bow and arrow hunting.

The city further revealed that the urban deer hunt program tract designation was received by the Office of City Manager. It was open for the 30-day comment period, which ended on September 1st.