West Virginia Hunters Issued Citations After Illegally Killing 10-Point Buck

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Stuart Brock/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

A pair of hunters have been cited, Virginia police notes for illegal behavior while tailing a buck during crossbow season. According to reports, the hunters were brought to the attention of area authorities late last week. This comes after the hunters were found to have illegally used headlights as a spotlight to identify and take down a 10-point buck.

The West Virginia Natural Resources Police were called in after receiving several reports of two hunters illegally killing a 10-point buck in Pleasants County. The two hunters were issued multiple citations as a result. According to the reports, the two hunters acknowledged the accusations that they used a truck’s headlights to spotlight the deer. The two were able to take down the animal with the help of these bright lights.

West Virginia Natural Resources Police Officers Received Multiple Complaints About The Illegal Hunting of the Buck

The recent Facebook post, notes that District 6, West Virginia Natural Resources Police Officers received “multiple complaints of a 10-point buck that had been killed near County Line Road in Saint Mary’s West Virginia.”

According to the post, the officers were able to locate the hunter that had checked the buck in after harvesting. The officers note the man reported that he “shot the deer on property that was not posted.”

“Officers went to the area and located multiple no trespassing signs on the property,” the social media post continues.

“With one by where the man said he went into the woods,” the update continues.

“After confronting the individual he turned the antlers over to NRPO’s,” the West Virginia Natural Resources Police add.

According to the officials, both individuals admitted to “using the headlights of their truck to shoot the buck with a crossbow from the truck after dark.” The post continues on to note that both suspects were “issued multiple citations for the illegal killing of the buck.”

The hunters also handed the antlers over to the police.

New Jersey Hunter Ends Three-Year Quest To Harvest A Rare Piebald Buck

The hunters in the above scenario didn’t come by their prize honestly. However, it was a very different scenario for one New Jersey hunter, Robby Stenger. This hunter recently took down a rare buck at the start of archery season.

For three years, Stenger has been watching this buck after spotting it as a fawn on his Marlboro property back in 2019. Even back then, Stenger knew the animal that he dubbed “Casper” was a special one. So, he kept an eye on the buck over the last three years as it grew…eventually sprouting an impressive 10-point rack.

“I figured he was gonna score around 130 or 135 inches,” the Hunter relates.

“And I was contemplating not shooting him this year,” Stenger continues in a conversation with Field and Stream. “Ideally, I could let him go one more year and he’d break 150, maybe even more with the genetics we have around here.”

However, Stenger soon learned that he wasn’t the only hunter eying Casper. So, the New Jersey hunter decided this would be the year.

“He’s an extremely rare and beautiful deer, with that piebald pattern and those dark, dark chocolate antlers,” Strenger says of the buck.

“To see something like that is mind-blowing,” the Hunter adds. “It’s probably the prettiest buck I’ve ever seen in my life. And now he’s at the taxidermist, and I’ll remember it forever.”