Wild Mustangs Seized From Colorado Ranch After ‘Suffering’ Through ‘Emergency’ Situation

by Amy Myers

During an animal welfare check in Custer County, Colorado, officials seized nine wild mustangs that were in need of immediate medical attention.

Previously, the Custer County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint regarding the condition of several horses on a ranch near County Road 358. At 5 p.m. on August 27, officers set out to investigate the matter and found the wild mustangs in an “emergency situation.”

“There were nine wild mustangs on the property. They seized all nine mustangs and transported them to an equine veterinary hospital for emergency treatment,” a news release from the sheriff’s office read. 

 Among the responding staff were Deputy Nathan Koury and several livestock investigators. Though they did not have an equine expert present on the scene, officers were able to contact a horse veterinarian for the most appropriate plan of action.

“They consulted an equine veterinarian with information and photos of these wild mustangs. The equine veterinarian was able to determine that the mustangs were suffering, and it was an emergency,” the release stated.

Officers soon received an emergency search warrant which allowed them to seize the horses and bring them in for proper care. While on the property, they also collected evidence of what potentially led to the emergency situation.

The Custer County Sheriff’s Office still hasn’t released any other details regarding the condition of the wild mustangs or the ranch’s involvement.

Paddlers Catch Sight of Two Wild Mustangs ‘Walking’ on Water

In a much less tragic but equally captivating story, some tourists caught a couple of wild mustangs that seemed to travel across the water in a pretty biblical manner. In a video from one of the paddlers, the two horses drifted through the current without so much as lifting a hoof.

The video was from paddleboarder Kelli Rogers who was exploring the Salt River in Tonto National Forest, Arizona.

Check it out.

Of course, the wild video of the mustangs is only an illusion. Because the horses are at a fixed point on the water, it appears that they’re the ones gliding through the water, instead of the paddlers, themselves.

Rogers didn’t even notice the sheer beauty and wonder she captured on film until after she was off the water. Once she took a look back at the clip, she realized how special the moment was.

Not surprisingly, the video of the wild mustangs warranted a good bit of shock and awe from viewers on social media.

“It took me five views to process what was going on,” one person wrote. “I’m not understanding at all.”

“This isn’t okay to watch when you aren’t sober!” another joked.

“It’s like when you’re parked and the car next to you moves and you think your car is moving,” a third added.