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Wild Video From The Hunting Public Shows How Well Camouflage Works

by Brett Stayton
Hunter In Camouflage Pulls Back Her Bow And Arrow
Photo by DLCcreates/Getty Images

Camouflage. It’s not just a song by Brad Paisley. It’s also an art form, a product, and an entire market segment of the approximately $890 million dollar hunting industry. Often times people seem to question the legitimacy of expensive camouflage sets from a multitude of amazing outdoor brands. Although grip and grin hunting photos, field shots, and close-ups of the equipment are a great way to show off the camouflage, it’s rare to get the perspective of camouflage in action from an animal’s perspective during an actual hunt.

This video from The Hunting Public shows bow hunter Ted Miller showing off just how effective good camouflage can be at keeping you warm, concealing your hunts, and putting meat in the freezer. It also shows the art form of camouflage, as Miller limits his movements and coordinates his motion while the buck has his back turned to him. It also looks like this ole warrior of a buck might have also lost an eye in a scrap with another big buck during the rut. It’s a tasteful video though, as it’s clear this buck’s next step is probably above this guy’s fireplace. Steaks, burgers, sausage, chili, jerky, goetta, and whatever else you can do with venison, on the way. That’s a great rack for the trophy room too.

@thehuntingpublic Anyone else see the tree moving in the backround? #thehuntingpublic #deerhunting #k18results ♬ original sound – Ryan Kamm

More Info About The Hunting Public

Though the type of camouflage this guy is using is indecipherable from a distance, the brand does sell several Mossy Oak brand camo products on its website. The Hunting Public has evolved into a major media powerhouse in the outdoor industry. With 544,000 followers on YouTube, almost 222,000 on TikTok, and more than 400,000 on Instagram, their content routinely gets more than a million sets of eyes on it.

The Hunting Public is an online video series showcasing tips and strategies for hunters.  Their content includes daily video journals from hunters in the field, how-to-tip videos, and podcasts to help teach the viewer situational tactics they can apply to their outdoor adventures throughout the country.

We’re normal guys that love to hunt and share our passion for the outdoors with others.  We grew up hunting public land and small properties for anything from small game to turkeys and whitetails.  Our best memories revolve around the social aspects of hunting and that’s something we want to share with our viewers.  Whether that’s standing around a campfire after a successful hunt or reminiscing about past adventures with our buddies. 

The Hunting Public’s videos show the whole hunting experience is about having fun and creating memories with our friends and family! Their media success is also creating a digital community of hunters that can interact and learn together as a group. It’s becoming a platform that allows hunters to teach, learn, and interact with other hunters.  Topics include everything from basic whitetail tactics to way more advanced and unique hunting adventures. Most of the hunts take place on public land and small privately owned properties, so that means creating content that is relatable and appealing to everyone from your basic Bass Pro Shops customer to the most gear-headed and dedicated outdoorsmen.