Wisconsin Brewery Offers $10,000 to Do Nothing But Watch Sunsets

by Amy Myers

You don’t have to imagine getting paid to chase sunsets because Wisconsin-native Leinenkugel’s Brewery has just made this a reality.

With their Summer Shandy and Lemon Haze IPA, Leinenkugel’s beers are easily one of the best summertime sippers around. But there’s a third warm-weather variety that has generated such a loyal fanbase that 2,500 brew hounds signed a petition on Change.org to bring it back out of retirement.

Meet the Sunset Wheat.

Back in 2006, Leinenkugel’s first introduced the legendary libation to the world, and it was an instant hit. In fact, the brew even won silver Great American Beer Festival and bronze at the World Beer Cup the very year that it hit Great Lakes drinkers’ tastebuds. With notes of orange and blueberry and a tart, citrusy finish, it’s no wonder the refreshing Belgian-style witbier became the go-to summer drink.

The wheat beer continued its reign until 2018 when the brewery decided to take it off store shelves. Now, after four years without the fan-favorite beer, the brewery has brought it back on the market.

But with a catch – Sunset Wheat fanatics can submit a one-minute video explaining why they love the variety for a chance to do nothing but drink beer and watch sunsets in Wisconsin… oh yeah, and earn $10,000 all the while.

How to Enter in the Sunset Wheat Contest

The sunset-chaser contest runs until August 18. Of course, you have to be 21 years or older to enter.

Here’s how you can win a chance to earn 10 big ones and watch some amazing sunsets:

  • Follow Leinenkugels on Instagram
  • Make a video (up to one minute long) about “why they are the ultimate fan of the Wisconsin sunset and Sunset Wheat” and post it on your public Instagram account
  • Tag @Leinenkugel’s and add #sunsetstreamer and #contest

The launch party for the re-release occurs on August 11 at the Leinie Lodge on the brewery grounds in Chippewa Falls. As for the brew, itself, it will be back in stock on August 15 in stand-alone packs in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and throughout the Great Lakes Region. You can also pick up a few in a specialty Lodge Variety Pack that will be available nationwide.

Already, the news of the Sunset Wheat’s return has generated tons of excitement from Leinie fans. For some, the re-release has become a highlight of the season.

“So happy to hear that one of my all-time favorite beers is coming back!” one sunset chaser said.

“I’ve needed this for a long long time,” said another.

A third agreed, “Glad it’s coming back. What were you thinking taking it off the shelves in the first place?”