Wisconsin Couple Shocked After Deer Breaks Into Home and Gets Trapped for Three Hours

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Karl-Heinz Bärtl/picture alliance via Getty Images)

A Wisconsin couple was frightened to death when an adult deer shattered a glass door and barreled into their home.

Sue and Richard Sujecki were at home in West Allis when they heard a loud crash. They then discovered that a deer had broken through their glass storm door. It was wreaking havoc throughout their living room.

“If you tell anybody, nobody can believe that a full-grown deer is trapped inside your house and can’t get out,” Sue Sujecki told Spectrum News 1.

“I didn’t realize it was a deer until it came out of the living room,” Richard Sujecki said. “It didn’t go through the door where it could have gotten out. Instead, it ran right past me and up the steps.”

The couple also reported that the deer injured himself during the incident, probably from the shattered glass. “He was bleeding through his mouth and his leg and he looked through every window,” Sue Sujecki said.

The couple said the deer ran up the stairs and looked through every room, trying to find an exit. Reportedly, the deer was trapped in their home for about three hours. Eventually, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources personnel arrived on the scene to rescue the deer.

Officers Eventually Rescue the Deer from the Home

“With the help of other officers we were able to scare it out of the room it was trapped into and because we had all the other doors closed off, we were able to direct it back down the stairs and out the front door,” DNR warden Erik Anderson said.

The couple also made sure to thank the department’s personnel for their efforts.

“We appreciate the DNR people,” Sue Sujecki said. “We couldn’t have done it.”

Anderson said the deer may actually have been drawn to the home by their holiday decorations. In the couple’s front yard, they displayed two wooden deer figures. He figured the buck then may have seen its own reflection in the glass door and mistook it for another buck, trying to start a fight.

The Sujeckis remain thankful that no one was injured in the situation, including the deer. Sue Sujecki introduced the local news outlet to her front yard decorations that many suspect attracted the deer to the house.

“This is Dasher and Prancer, and Prancer had an unwelcome suitor,” she said.

A similar incident occurred last week in central Wisconsin. Pacelli Catholic Schools posted on its Facebook about an incident where a deer rammed through an office window. A school official told WFRV, a local outlet, that two employees were in the office while it happened.

Onlookers described the deer as a six to eight-point buck. It knocked one of the employees out of her chair as it ransacked the office. It reportedly sounded “like an explosion.”

However, fortunately, the school said no one was harmed, including the buck.